Indian Polity Governance for CDS & Defence Exams

By : Naveen Singh

Updated : Dec 4, 2020, 21:31

Indian Polity & Governance holds a profound role in defence exams like UPSC NDA, UPSC CDS, UPSC CAPF, Air Force Group X & Y, ICG, CISF, Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF), and many other defence exams. But do you know the Indian Polity & Governance definition? Well, Indian polity is the study of the functioning of Government and its system. Students preparing for defence exams face the problem of appropriate notes for preparation. If you are looking for Indian Polity & Governance notes and quizzes then your search ends here. Indian Polity and Governance quizzes, practice tests, and online tests with answers by BYJU'S Exam Prep will be helpful to you even after your selection. 

Indian Polity & Governance has always been a subject of great importance where a good amount of marks is dedicated to it. One needs to have knowledge of the constitution, articles, functions of various ministries, parliament, schedules, latest amendments made in the constitution, and a wide array of polity topics. A career in defence gets warmly idolized in India and is considered a respectable job that is listed among the highest paid jobs. Comprehending the concepts of Indian polity & Governance helps you to fetch good marks in defence exams. This article is a compilation of everything that you need to boost your defense exam preparation. 

Important Indian Polity & Governance Topics

While conceiving the Indian Polity & Governance, it's essential to pivot on the cardinal topics to clear defence exams in one go. Here is the rundown of the most important topics recommended by experts.



Indian Constitution

It consists of subtopics like the Constituent Assembly of India, Parliamentary System in India, Citizenship, and Scheduled and Tribal Areas in India, etc.

Fundamental Rights & Fundamental Duties

It covers the basic fundamental rights and fundamental duties of the citizens of India.

Parliament & Indian Judiciary

It covers subtopics like Parliamentary Committees, Anti-Defection Law, Supreme Court of India, High Courts in India, Subordinate Courts in India, and Central Administrative Tribunal.

Union & State Executive

It is all about Cabinet Committees, Union-State Relations/Centre-State Relations, and Governor in the Indian Constitution.  

Constitutional & Non-Constitutional Bodies

It includes topics like the Election Commission of India and NITI Aayog, etc.

Tips to Prepare Indian Polity & Governance Questions

  1. Make Indian Polity & Governance practice problems PDF and solve them regularly as it will improve your speed and problem-solving skills.  
  2. Practice Indian Polity & Governance quiz for defence exam to learn the art of time management. Proper time management helps you to allot significant time in other sections of the paper.
  3. As the Indian Polity & Governance syllabus for defence exam is extensive, so the candidate should know which topic should be devised first and concentrate on the most germane topics.
  4. Practice all the Indian Polity & Governance previous year's papers and draw up Indian Polity & Governance questions and answers PDF. The more you study, the more you would grasp.

Importance of Indian Polity & Governance in Defence Exams

  • By successfully clearing the defence exam, one paves a gateway to one of the most dignified and prestigious defence jobs and get a chance to serve their motherland.
  • This topic is the most scoring section in the exam if one has a good grasp of the concepts and has practiced India Polity & Governance practice quiz meticulously.

Recommended Books for Indian Polity & Governance

As exam date approaches, numerous understudies wind up buying a plethora of books that make their planning confounded and hefty. A collection of proper and good books is thereby necessary to excel in the exam. Check out the following books for Indian Polity & Governance exams preparation referred by toppers



Indian Polity

M. Laxminath

Introduction to the Constitution of India

Durga Das Basu

Our Constitution

Subhash C. Kashyap

Our Parliament

Subhash  Kashyap

Why prepare Indian Polity & Governance from BYJU'S Exam Prep?

BYJU'S Exam Prep believes that self-expression and hard work always award success. All the preparation strategy, Indian Polity & Governance questions for defence, and Indian Polity & Governance practice set gets curated by our eminent experts. BYJU'S Exam Prep also conducts Indian Polity & Governance online tests for defence exams. In short, it propounds an all-round preparation for exams. Along with these facilities, it offers a complimentary Test Series with 300+ mock tests to boost examination pedagogy. 

Once the concepts are cleared, it becomes easy to solve polity and governance questions. Since the competition is high, prepare selectively and properly for Indian Polity & Governance practice questions, and accord Indian Polity & Governance practice tests with answers as success come from consistent and deliberate practice.  

Indian Polity & Governance FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Which website is best for the online preparation for the Indian Polity & Governance section?

You must try BYJU'S Exam Prep for Indian Polity & Governance preparation as it offers top quality notes, study material PDF, and quizzes for defence exams. It provides Indian Polity & Governance tricks and tips for defence exams also.

2. From where can I download the Indian Polity & Governance syllabus defence exams?

You can download it from the official website of various defence exams or, you can refer to BYJU'S Exam Prep for syllabus and examination preparation.

3. What are the vital topics for Indian Polity & Governance for defence exams 2020?

The Indian constitution, fundamental rights, and duties, amendments made in the Indian Constitution are vital topics for the Indian Polity & Governance paper.

4. Can I prepare for the Indian Polity & Governance exams online?

Yes, you can do that, and even BYJU'S Exam Prep offers the best study packages for inspiring students preparing for defence exams. 

5. Which is the best book for Indian Polity & Governance questions?

One of the most recommended books for Indian Polity & Governance questions preparation is Indian Polity by M. Laxminath.