Geography for CDS & Defence Exams

By : Naveen Singh

Updated : Dec 3, 2020, 15:39

If you wish to join the Defence Forces, there are several entrance exams that you can appear for. Some of the Defence Exams include Combined Defence Services Examination (CDS), Indian Army JAG, SSC Technical, NCC exam, NDA, AFCAT, among others. To score good marks in these exams, you must have knowledge of Indian Geography as well as World Geography. There is no separate section for geography but it is a part of the general knowledge and general awareness section.

Every year at least 15-18 questions are reserved for Geography. It is a bit difficult to provide a specific Geography definition. But, you can understand it as the study of the Earth's surface, places on Earth, its features, landscapes, and its relation with people. There is no easy way to understand Geography. You will have to learn about certain important places and landscapes. However, with a good amount of preparation, you will be able to attempt all the questions correctly.

Geography questions for Defence Exams

  • There is no particular Geography syllabus for defence exams. You can have a look at the past 3-4 years' question papers to understand the pattern.
  • The questions for the geography quiz for defence exams fall into three categories, namely, physical geography, Indian Geography, and World Geography. You will have to practice questions from all three of them.
  • The most common questions that you will come across in recent exams question papers are:
  1. Tropic of Capricorn passes through which states?
  2. Which river has which Dam?
  3. Different methods of soil conversion in the hilly and plain regions.
  4. Which area receives the maximum or minimum rainfall throughout the year?
  • You will find varied multiple-choice questions in the exam. The first category is where you will find a direct question, and you will have to choose any of the four options. The second category will include several statements. You will have to choose which statements are true. The third category might comprise two lists where you need to match the right options.

Important books for Geography in Defence Exams

Geography is a vast subject. You will find plenty of books to prepare for the exam. However, it is essential to choose the right books that have relevant Geography practise tests with answers. It will help you prepare well for the exams. Here is a list of books with important concepts as well as the Geography practice quiz.

Book Name


Objective GK

Lucent Publication

Geography- A Comprehensive Study

Cosmos Publication

Pathfinder CDS Exam

Arihant Publication

Magbook India and World Geography

Arihant Publication

Pratiyogita Darpan


Why choose BYJU'S Exam Prep for Defence Exams?

To prepare for defense or other competitive exams, you require a lot of practice and consistency. It is why you should choose BYJU'S Exam Prep for preparation. It will not only help you with understanding concepts but will also provide ample practice papers for your exams. BYJU'S Exam Prep offers plenty of Geography questions and answers PDF, and Geography notes for defense exams. Along with this, you will receive numerous Geography practice problems pdf that will help you prepare for all kinds of Geography questions in the exam. To ensure that you are well prepared for the exam and clear it with flying colors, BYJU'S Exam Prep also provides Geography online tests for defense exams. It offers overall learning and focuses on each aspect. You can sign up on the website to download free Geography study material pdf and Geography practice tests with answers.

Geography tricks and tips for Defence Exams

  • You should try practicing as many Geography practice sets as you can. Solve the previous year’s question papers.
  • While preparing, you can divide Geography into two parts, i.e., physical and political Geography. Physical Geography includes mountains, plateaus, deserts, soil, oceans, islands, and more. Political Geography includes continents and countries.
  • Prepare notes of the most common questions. Read the notes multiple times and try writing the answers. You can also tell the information to others in the form of facts.
  • You can also form tables for better understanding. To remember states and boundaries, mark that in physical and political maps.

Geography FAQs for Defence Exams

1. How to study Geography for the CDS exam?

To prepare for CDS Exam, you can segregate the chapters into physical and political Geography. Further, subdivide it into Indian and world Geography. It will help you to prepare in an efficient manner. Thus, it will give you clarity of the sections of Geography.

2. What is the weightage of Geography questions in defence exams?

There are around 15-20 questions in the General Knowledge section of defence exams.

3. Is there a separate section for Geography questions in defence exams?

No, Geography questions are a part of the General Knowledge and Awareness Section in defence exams.

4. What are the important geography topics for defence exams?

For Geography questions in defence exams, you can focus on the name of boundaries between countries, straits, the major rivers, nuclear power projects, world heritage sites, soil and minerals, volcanoes, pressure belts and other such topics.

5. How to learn Geography questions for defence exams?

The best way to learn Geography is by making notes, highlighting them and reading it several times. You should also take ‘Geography quiz for defence exam’ available on BYJU'S Exam Prep.