Calculus for CDS & Defence Exams

By : Naveen Singh

Updated : Dec 3, 2020, 15:32

Calculus is an important topic that is frequently asked in the defence exams conducted by the government. It checks the candidate's differentiation and integration abilities about the various mathematical parameters such as the area, length, volume, and more. The calculus definition considers various rates of change elements like length, area, volume, speed, and other things in space. You can get calculus questions for defence here on Gradeup.

Calculus expression formulas are crucial for various defence exams like CDS/ AFCAT/ CAPF/ SSB/ Armed force recruitment and SSC CGL, Bank PO, IBPS PO, and many other state and national level exams. The calculus syllabus is also important for various college and school level recruitment exams in India.

Important Calculus Topics for Defence Exams




It tells us the value to which a function approaches when any parameter involving it approaches a certain value.


It measures the change in the function value to change in the value of its arguments. The d(x) is considered as a small finite change in any argument.


It is the opposite of differentiation and intuitively means adding up small arguments each time. They are fundamental tools of calculus.

Continuous Functions

Any graph that has a smooth change in arguments and does not end abruptly.

Infinite Series

Any function with an argument (n) where n starts from 1 and goes till infinity. The sum of all the function values till infinity is an infinite series.

Tips to Solve Calculus Questions For Defence Exams 

  1. Have a firm knowledge of the various methods of rates of change, which includes rigorous mathematical calculations.
  2. Learn all the calculus formulas with examples by writing and practicing it daily.
  3. Solve calculus practice questions of various previous defence exam question papers.
  4. Learn the basic concepts of rates of change, speed, velocity, and calculus initially.
  5. Write all the important calculus notes for defence exams by mentioning various theorems like integration by parts, partial differentiation, and more.

Importance of Calculus in Defence Exams 

  1. Calculus syllabus defence exams are made in such a way to access the candidate for their analytical and reasoning skills where there is a change of rate required.
  2. The calculus portion consists of up to 10% of the overall questions in the mathematics paper.
  3. In NDA/ CDS exams, mathematics is a mandatory passing subject for any aspirant.
  4. Multivariable, Integral, and differential calculus is an important section comprising major question markings in the exam.

Recommended Books for Calculus For Defence Exams



Differential Calculus

By S Balachandra Rao_ New Age International Publishers

Problems in Calculus of one variable

By I.A. Maron

Why prepare Calculus from BYJU'S Exam Prep? 

Gradeup provides calculus questions and answers pdf online for free. You can view and solve all the past year’s previous calculus questions asked in the government's defense exams. You can also take a calculus practice test with answers on BYJU'S Exam Prep for free. The calculus quiz for the defense exam helps you practice in a real-time exam environment similar to the exam center model. You can also get calculus study material pdf, which consists of all the calculus tricks and tips for defence exams that can help you pass the exam. 

You need to have a firm grasp on the calculus concepts by giving sufficient time on the calculus practice quiz on Gradeup and solving all the calculus practice sets online.

Calculus Defence Exam FAQs

1. How is calculus useful?

Calculus is used to measure the different rates of change, summing up small to large quantities, and evaluating different function types. They are particularly used in physics and maths.

2. What are all the applications of calculus?

They are used in finding the slope of a curve and calculate complicated x-intercepts. It can give us a generalized method of finding the slope of a curve, finding the average of a function, calculating the area of any shape, visualizing graphs, calculating optimal values.

3. Why is calculus important?

Calculus lets us understand the change and summing up of functions. They are extensively used in making designs of architecture and construction.

4. What does calculus mean?

Calculus is the study of continuous change, which is used to arrive at an optimal and best solution.

5. Where can you find the calculus quiz for defense exams along with the calculus practice problems pdf?

You can find the calculus online test for defence exams on the BYJU'S Exam Prep portal by signing in to your BYJU'S Exam Prep account. They provide calculus problems with solutions that can help you in practice.