World NGO Day [February 27]

By : Neha Dhyani

Updated : Mar 7, 2023, 13:02

World NGO Day is celebrated on February 27. It is celebrated as an international day of recognition and celebration for NGOs.

The idea came from the NGO community under the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA), which recognised "the importance of non-governmental organisations in achieving sustainable development goals, especially with respect to disaster resilience."

World NGO Day History

We can trace the history of International NGO Day back to the year 2010 when the UN General Assembly proclaimed the first week of February as the World NGO Week.

The first commemoration was celebrated in 2011 under the theme "Together we make a difference". The celebrations included civic activities like street plays, music, and art-related presentations. They also consisted of seminars and campaigns for raising awareness about HIV/AIDS and Malaria.

Organisations celebrate World NGO Day by supporting an event promoting blood donation and participation in health. UNICEF has been promoting its World Blood Donor Day campaign since 2009 through social media and online resources such as Facebook and Twitter.

Significance of NGOs

NGOs have a significant role in tackling global challenges such as development, health and the environment. They are indispensable in achieving and maintaining the health goals of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Many volunteers work in NGOs because they see them as a chance to improve their communities while contributing to the proper care of the world's poorest people.

The development of the global private sector has led to the growth of NGOs and their role in maintaining and strengthening good governance. Moreover, according to the UN Department of Public Information (UNDPI), NGOs are key partners in achieving development goals as they have a wide array of resources, expertise, and creativity.

Lastly, more than half of NGOs work on a local level as they have been addressing community problems such as poverty and inequality.

World NGO Day Goal

The goal of World NGO Day is to create awareness about the importance of NGOs. They can promote themselves and help achieve global human development goals such as sustainable development, universal healthcare, antiretroviral treatment for HIV/AIDS, maternal health and gender equality.

World NGO Day Significance

Celebrating International NGO Day is an effective way of creating awareness about the work of NGOs. Many people are not aware of the work that NGOs do daily, and they could not have been part of so many meritorious efforts.

It is also a great opportunity to raise awareness about blood donation and encourage people to sign up as volunteer blood donors in support or countries where blood is badly needed.

The idea behind celebrating International NGO Day was that NGOs could contribute more to global development by using innovative approaches, including community-based memberships, public health awareness-raising, and sustainability programs.

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World NGO Day Themes

The fifth commemoration of World NGO Day was celebrated under the theme "Together we make a difference" on February 23, 2012. The theme has been carried forward to 2013.

The theme for World NGO Day 2013 was "Mobilising for Development" and aimed to raise awareness on malnutrition, access to healthcare, education, and anti-malaria programs.

The theme for World NGO Day in 2021 was to align NGOs' work to reach United Nations Goal for Sustainable Development.

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World NGO Day Celebrations

Many events are held, including conferences and other activities. One of the most popular ones is the blood donation event. The idea behind celebrating World NGO Day is to make people aware of the importance of NGOs and their role in global development.

This day also aims to raise awareness about Ngos' work at local levels on poverty, inequality, and education. In addition, celebrating World NGO Day will help spread knowledge about how to support them by giving them financial assistance or by volunteering for NGO activities.

NGOs play a significant role in tackling many global challenges. It is of great importance to celebrate International NGO Day, as it will help spread the message about how NGOs can contribute to global development and how they can improve life in communities.

It is also an opportunity for NGOs to put funds and energy into activities such as blood donation so that they can play a vital role in saving lives.

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FAQs on World NGO Day

Q.1. What are the main objectives of World NGO Day?

World NGO Day is a day set aside for the recognition and celebration of NGOs. It is also meant to raise awareness about the importance of NGOs and their role in the development process.

Q.2. Why is World NGO Day celebrated?

The main objective behind celebrating World NGO Day is to make people aware of how important it is to influence society by having a high number of supporters from different parts of the world. All this support will help NGOs in achieving their designated goals.

Q.3. What activities take place on World NGO Day?

There are a lot of events going on during World NGO Day. You can attend an event organised by an NGO, or you could organise one yourself. Many NGOs have websites that offer information about their cause and even details about their upcoming events.

Q.4. Can I donate blood or volunteer for other activities on World NGO day?

You can donate blood or volunteer for other activities on World NGO Day. You can also get involved with an organisation working towards improving access to family planning services. This way, you will contribute to reducing maternal mortality and child mortality and making sure that people get the family planning services they need.

Q.5. What are the ways you can be part of World NGO Day?

It's very easy to be part of World NGO Day. You can volunteer for NGOs, make a financial contribution, or get involved in social media and spread awareness about NGOs' role in global development.