National Women's Day

By : Neha Dhyani

Updated : Mar 7, 2023, 17:21

In India, 13th February is observed as National Women's Day every year. On this year in 1879, a celebrated revolutionary, politician, and poet, Sarojini Naidu, was born in India. To honor her achievements as a proponent of women's emancipation and pay tribute to her, National Women's Day is celebrated annually in the country.

Naidu was also a literary person and was awarded the title "Nightingale of India" by Gandhi. Know more about this influential woman and the history and significance of National Women's Day here.

National Women's Day 2023

National Women's Day is celebrated not only to honor Sarojini Naidu but every Indian woman who is making a contribution to nation-building. Indian women have made countless contributions in the field of politics, science, technology, economics, etc., on both a national and international level. Therefore, Women's Day in India is observed to celebrate every such achievement.

Event Name

National Women’s Day

Celebrated On

13th February every year

Where is it Celebrated?



To mark the birth anniversary of the revolutionary Sarojini Naidu

National Women's Day 2022 Theme

Every year, on the birth anniversary of the political activist and poet Sarojini Naidu, National Women's Day in India is observed on 13th February. This day holds a lot of significance for every Indian citizen, especially women, for whose civil rights this day stands as a testimonial.

National Women's Day is celebrated without a theme. Although the celebrations are widespread, no specific theme is announced for this event. The general theme of the celebration is to acknowledge the contribution of women in various fields. Women's Day in India is also about honoring Sarojini Naidu on her birth anniversary.

About Sarojini Naidu:

  • Sarojini Naidu played a pivotal role during India's struggle for independence from colonial rule.
  • She was known as the 'Nightingale of India' or 'Bharat Kokila' because of her poems on romance, patriotism, and tragedy.
  • National women's day of India is observed on her birthday to mark the social, cultural, political, and economic achievements of women in India.
  • Naidu was a woman with strong convictions. She became the first woman governor of the United Provinces, which is now the present state of Uttar Pradesh.
  • She was elected president of the Indian National Congress in 1925 due to her educational and political abilities.
  • She was even sent to jail for 21 months during the Quit India Movement started by Mahatma Gandhi.
  • She contributed considerably to the drafting of the Indian Constitution as well.
  • For all her bold convictions and strong personality, she is a woman icon and a hero figure for millions of women across the length and breadth of the nation.
  • National women's day date was hence decided to be recognized on 13th February, which stands as the birth date of Sarojini Naidu.

History of National Women's Day in India

The history of Women's Day in India can be traced back to the government of India recognizing the importance of Sarojini Naidu as an influential figure for countless women in the country. To honor her contribution to the independence struggle, women's emancipation, and others, the government announced 13th February as National Women's Day. This day was also when Sarojini Naidu was born in the year 1879.

Significance of National Women's Day

National Women's Day commemorates a woman's success in every field and aims to raise awareness against gender bias. This year, on 13th February 2022, the country will celebrate National Women's Day, yet another time to mark the birth anniversary of the legendary Sarojini Naidu.

The theme for women's day in 2021 was 'Choose to Challenge.' It signifies that change comes when you triumph through challenging situations in life. What better way to understand and implement this ideology than challenging and fighting the present Covid-19 pandemic by adapting to considerable changes in our lifestyle and other underlying factors?

How to Celebrate National Women's Day in India?

National Women's Day celebrates the achievements of women. Hence, to celebrate this occasion, women in India undertake different kinds of activities like:

  • Recognizing a local woman-owned organization.
  • Raising funds for a women's charity.
  • Watching a movie together with a strong woman led to a bold character.
  • Learning about famous and inspirational women.
  • Reaching out to women who have brought about a difference in one's life.

Women have conquered various arenas of success in almost every genre/field, including business, sports, fashion, etc. An embodiment of beauty, grace, elegance, and compassion, the world would not be the same without recognizing the achievements of one of the most beautiful creations of God through National Women's Day.

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FAQs about National Women's Day

Q1. When is National Women's Day?

National Women's Day is celebrated on 13th February annually in India. It is a national celebration organized to commemorate the birth anniversary of Sarojini Naidu, who was a revolutionary activist, poet, and politician, who contributed to India's independence movement.

Q2. Why is National Women's Day celebrated?

National Women's Day in India was started to honor the literary and social contributions of Sarojini Naidu. Sarojini Naidu was born on 13th February 1879 and was an active proponent of women's emancipation, civil rights, and other social issues.

Q3. Is 13th February celebrated as National Women's Day?

Yes, 13th February is celebrated as National Women's Day. This day is only observed in India and not on a global level. Women's Day in India is a national celebration in honor of the great revolutionary, social, and literary woman Sarojini Naidu, who was born on 13th February 1879.

Q4. What is National Women's Day in India 2022 theme?

Although National Women's Day is widely celebrated in India, there is no specific theme designated for the celebrations. On the other hand, for events like International Women's Day, the theme for 2022 was "#BreakTheBias."

Q5. Is International Women's Day different from National Women's Day?

Yes, these are two separate events. Every year, 8th March is celebrated as International Women's Day on a global level, whereas National Women's Day is celebrated on 13th February every year only in India to mark the birth anniversary of Sarojini Naidu.