World Bamboo Day [Historical Events on September 18]

By : Neha Dhyani

Updated : Feb 28, 2022, 8:24

September 18 is recognized as World Bamboo Day every year.  Conceptualized and launched by the World Bamboo Organization, this international day is celebrated to conserve, spread awareness, and promote the bamboo industry across the globe. 

World Bamboo Day also aims to bring to the forefront the potential of bamboo - its ability to feature as an alternative to numerous unsustainable practices, thereby protecting the natural resources from global warming. The sustainable utility of bamboo and spreading awareness to save bamboo plantations also come under the ambit of National Bamboo Day. 

World Bamboo Day History

World Bamboo Day was conceptualized and launched in 2009 by Kamlesh Salam, the then President of the World Bamboo Organization, on the event of the 8th World Bamboo Congress conducted in Bangkok. The major aim back then to have a World Bamboo Day was to create awareness about promoting and conserving bamboo artistry. 

Some Facts about Bamboo or Green Gold

Also known as green gold or poor man's timber, bamboo has immense uses across a wide spectrum of requirements. The best thing about bamboo is that it can grow anywhere, requires extremely low maintenance, and has versatile potential. 

In India, one can notice the usage of bamboos across cultures, especially across India's vast and varied tribal communities. From household utilities to furniture, houses, artefacts, and textiles, bamboo's usages can be found in every avenue of human imagination. In Northeast India - where usage of bamboo products is found in abundance - there are about 110 varieties of bamboo plants. 

Bamboo's utility is not just relegated to the personal spheres; its ecological importance is also noteworthy. According to experts, bamboo plants can help in the reclamation of wastelands and severely degraded areas. It acts as a good soil binder and is known to play a significant role in water and soil conservation. 

World Bamboo Day 2021 Theme

Like any other important day celebrated internationally, World Bamboo Day is also celebrated globally around a theme each year. World Bamboo Day in 2021 had the theme - "#PlantBamboo - It's time to plant bamboo."

According to the experts at the World Bamboo Organization, due to the massive potential of bamboos, their utility has not essentially been sustainable. While bamboo products generally pinpoint towards a more conscious and sustainable lifestyle, there is an innate need to plant more bamboo plants to preserve them for future generations.

World Bamboo Organization, which is a member of the United Nation's Global Compact, agrees with the foundations laid by the UN's Sustainable Development Goals and sees immense potential in bamboo to play a vital part in restoring the ecosystem by 2030 (in accordance with the UN's declaration of 2021-2030 as the Decade of Ecosystem Restoration).

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FAQs on World Bamboo Day

Q.1) When is World Bamboo Day celebrated?

World Bamboo Day is celebrated on September 18 every year. 

Q.2) Who launched World Bamboo Day?

World Bamboo Day was conceptualized and launched in 2009 by Kamlesh Salam, the then President of the World Bamboo Organization. 

Q.3) How many species of bamboo plants are found in Northeast India?

As many as 110 species of bamboo plants are found in Northeast India.