Operation Sard Hawa: Know about BSF Operation at Rajasthan Border

By : Neha Dhyani

Updated : Jan 25, 2022, 8:07

Operation 'Sard Hawa' is a special winter operation launched by the Border Security Force ahead of Republic Day celebrations to tighten the Indo-Pak Line of Control in Rajasthan, especially around Jaisalmer. Last time, the operation was conducted between 21st January 2021 and 27th January 2021 to tighten the security along the western Indo-Pak border and check for infiltration in the dense fog that covers the area in winters. 

Who Introduced Operation Sard Hawa? 

Operation Sard Hawa 2021 was launched by the erstwhile Director-General of the Border Security Force, Rakesh Asthana (IPS). This operation, a part of the security concerning the Republic Day celebrations across the country, was put into order to stop the infiltration of Pakistani troops or terrorists camouflaged in the dense fog that generally occurs during the winter months along the north-western part of India. 

Interestingly, Operation Sard Hawa is not a new concept - it is launched around the Republic Day festivities every year. During the summer months, Operation Garam Hawa is conducted to tighten the security around Jaisalmer's Line of Control to stop infiltration amidst the heatwave conditions.

Both Operations Garam Hawa and Sard Hawa are conducted by the Border Security Force, which is a wing of the Central Armed Police Force and is bestowed with the responsibility of guarding India's international borders with Pakistan in the west and Bangladesh in the east.

Some Important Points to Note on Operation Sard Hawa

Being a yearly operation to safeguard the country during the Republic Day celebrations against unwanted infiltrations, Operation Sard Hawa is a vital part of India's security. Here are some important points to be noted on the operation - 

  1. This exclusive operation is launched around the Republic Day festivities every year, especially between 21st January and 27th January.
  2. The operation concerns enhanced security around the western border of India, especially in Jaisalmer (Rajasthan), on the backdrop of the Indian Republic Day celebrations and dense fog. 
  3. An increased number of BSF personnel are deployed on the Indian border with Pakistan, and they are armed with advanced weapons. 
  4. The BSF, during these operations, generally collaborates with the intelligence wing of the department for enhanced security.
  5. Apart from foot point trekking, patrolling along the border is also carried through advanced defence vehicles. 
  6. Apart from the regular border checkpoints, the BSF - during these operations - also keeps a tab on the trekking zones and the walking trails, checking each person, vehicle, and even camels.
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FAQs about Operation Sard Hawa

  • Who launched Operation Sard Hawa in 2021?

Rakesh Asthana (IPS), former Director-General of the Border Security Force, launched Operation Sard Hawa in 2021 ahead of the Republic Day festivities in India.

  • Which wing of the Indian defence conducts operations Sard Hawa and Garam Hawa?

Operations Garam Hawa and Sard Hawa are conducted by the Border Security Force of India. 

  • Over which territory is operation Sard Hawa conducted?

Operation Sard Hawa is conducted along India's border with Pakistan in Rajasthan, specifically around Jaisalmer.