CRI Index: Know all about Color Rendering Index

By : Neha Dhyani

Updated : Jan 21, 2022, 9:23

CRI or Color Rendering Index is a measurement of color in LED lights. Understanding the CRI index in LED bulbs and lights is essential to improve your home's appearance.    

What is the Color Rendering (CRI) Index?

Every light you have installed in your home is rated as per the color rendering index chart. The chart usually ranges between 0 and 100. All high color rendering index CRI LED light rating range between 90 and 100. The CRI index of an LED light is measured after determining its accuracy in producing light that naturally matches the referenced light source like the sun. 

high color rendering index CRI led light produces a better color rendering of all objects illuminated by the light. The CRI index of an LED light or bulb plays a pivotal role in determining the effect of pictures and antiques displayed in the museum. The CRI index also plays a massive role in LED lights used in homes. So, if you decide to purchase a light, it is wise to check its CRI index before purchasing.  

How is the Color Rendering (CRI) Index Measured?

The Color Rendering (CRI) Index has numbers from 0 to 100. Generally, if an LED bulb's CRI Index is between 0 and 50, it is known as poor. A rating of 55 is known as warm white. A rating of 60 is known as cool white. Also, any rating between 60 and 85 is known as daylight. And a CRI index of 90 and above is rated as excellent. Essentially, a rating of 100 indicates that the color of objects under the light source will appear similar to what they might appear under the sunlight.  

Light manufacturers generally mention the CRI Index on the product label. However, if you want to test the CRI Index by yourself, you need special machinery or equipment for the purpose. For CRI testing, an LED bulb's light spectrum is evaluated on eight 'R' values or colors. The colors are termed R1 to R8. The bulb receives a rating between 0 and 100 for each color depending on the naturalness of the light in comparison with the reference light like sunlight.

Are There any Benefits of Using High Color Rendering Index (CRI) LED Lights?

High Color Rendering Index (CRI) LED Lights offer several significant advantages over low CRI lights. These lights offer considerable energy saving over conventional lights. Also, these lights provide a more beautiful, vibrant light tone than traditional bulbs. A low-CRI light generally delivers a flat hue to the objects it illuminates. High-CRI lights are beneficial to merchant establishments where visual appeal is crucial to catch customers' eyesight.

CRI or Color Rendering Index can provide you with insight into LED lights' energy and color efficiency. Hence, it is crucial to check the CRI rating before buying LED bulbs.

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FAQs about CRI Index

  • What is the Color Rendering (CRI) Index?

CRI or Color Rendering Index is a measurement of LED lights' energy and color efficiency.

  • What is the Color Rendering (CRI) Index range?

The range of CRI or Color Rendering Index is 0 to 100.

  • How is the CRI Index of a bulb measured?

For CRI testing, an LED bulb's light spectrum is evaluated on eight 'R' values or colors.