Niryat Bandhu Scheme by DGFT

By : Neha Dhyani

Updated : Jun 6, 2022, 4:31

Introduced in 2011 and implemented by the Directorate General of Foreign Trade [DGFT], the Niryat Bandhu Scheme is one of the most significant programmes contributing to the recent achievement of India - crossing 400 billion US dollars worth of export.

Aim of Niryat Bandhu Scheme

Under this scheme, the field officers mentor individuals interested in conducting business in a legal way. The DGFT works under the Ministry of Commerce and Industry and plays a big role in promoting the international business of the country through its regional offices located across the country.

Objectives of The Niryat Bandhu Scheme

The Niryat Bandhu Scheme was announced as a part of the Foreign Trade Policy with an aim of focusing on mentoring the first generation of business owners in the field of international trade. Its total budget allocation is Rs. 23.23 crores.

The programme works with the objective of reaching out to potential entrepreneurs and guiding them through counselling, orientation, and facilitation to enter international trade and boost the country's exports.

Being a closed economy for most of its existence, entrepreneurs in India lacked the nuanced understanding required to take part in global trade. This course fundamentally aims at bridging this divide.

Niryat Bandhu Scheme Facts

The Niryat Bandhu Scheme is a hand-holding experiment for youngsters willing to enter the international business. The mentors are called Niryat Bandhu's under this scheme and they devote time and knowledge to mentoring interested candidates.

The programme also considers exporters from micro, small and medium enterprises for guidance. Skill India and Digital India is the twin objective of this scheme.

A part of the Niryat Bandhu Scheme is the Niryat Bandhu Desktop which is an online certification programme announced in 2015 by the Directorate General of Foreign Trade [DGFT] in association with the IIFT (Indian Institute of Foreign Trade).

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The Growing Significance of The Niryat Bandhu Scheme

The programme is conducted by reputed trainers with expertise in the area and knowledge about import/export procedures, documentation, regulations, currency conversion, customs, and more.

It aims to empower and encourage exporters and business enthusiasts. Candidates can learn the basics of import/export right from their computers through live classes without going anywhere.

In conclusion, an online portal has been created for this online certificate programme. All the information about the available courses and the latest updates are available on the website.

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Exporters and entrepreneurs interested in learning the basics of doing international trade can register for the programme. Lessons for the course are transmitted live and followed up by Q&A sessions where participants can resolve their queries with experts from the IIFT.

This is a stellar initiative granting much need know-how regarding the complexities of global trade to small and medium businesses, and young entrepreneurs.

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FAQs on Niryat Bandhu Scheme

Q1) Which department has launched the Niryat Bandhu Scheme?

The Director-General of Foreign Trade has introduced the Niryat Bandhu Scheme under India's Ministry of Commerce and Industry.

Q2) What is the total budget for the Niryat Bandhu Scheme?

The total estimated cost for implementing the Niryat Bandhu Scheme is Rs. 23.23 crore.

Q3) What are the eligibility criteria for joining the Niryat Bandhu Scheme?

A person who wants to join the courses available under the Niryat Bandhu Scheme should be an Indian citizen and should either be an importer/exporter, entrepreneur, student, or technical professional who can benefit from the lessons covered under the programme.

You must also have a Windows-based computer/laptop, headphones, and internet connectivity.

Q4) When was the Niryat Bandhu Scheme announced?

The Niryat Bandhu Scheme was announced on October 13, 2011.

Q5) What exactly is Niryat Bandhu Scheme?

The Niryat Bandhu Scheme is a hand-holding experiment for youngsters willing to enter the international business.