National Police Day - History, Significance, Theme

By : Neha Dhyani

Updated : Mar 2, 2023, 12:25

The National Police Day is honoured on 21st October every year. It remembers the sacrifices of the ten policemen who have martyred their lives defending the country at the borders of China in 1959. It is also recalled as Martyr Day in all police forces of the country.

National Police Day History

The Hot Spring in Aksai Chin, Ladakh, is located between 15,000 and 16,000 feet above sea level on the Indo-Tibet border, which was manned by the Indian Police. There was serious turbulence by the Chinese Army on the Indo- Tibetan Border. As a result, groups of CRPF were recruited to handle tensions in the borders in 1959. On October 20th, 1959, three parties were launched from the Hot Springs in North Eastern Ladakh. Members of the two parties returned safely while the other party had no sign of return.

A strong team led by DSP/DCIO Shri Karam Singh was organised the next morning to search for the missing party. The team of Shri Karam Singh was caught off guard by the Chinese army due to no cover. They threw grenades at the party causing injury to seven and the death of the ten police officers. The bodies of ten personnel were detained by the Chinese and returned three weeks after the brutality. They were cremated with dignity at the Hot Springs by the Indian police.


Around 34, 832 police officers have martyred themselves serving the nation since independence. They have relentlessly done it to protect the integrity and security of the country.

National Police Memorial

At Chanakyapuri, New Delhi, a National Police Memorial is constructed to portray gratitude to the sacrifices of countless men. Such a memorial embeds in our mind a sense of identity, pride, dignity, unity and stands testimony to the valour of the Police Forces. "The Wall of Valour" a 30-foot tall granite sculpture constructed reinforces the names of the martyred police who have died for the country.

National Police Day Theme

The names of the police forces are read aloud and three volleys of shots are fired as a mark of respect for them. In honour of the departed souls, the arms are reversed (Shok Shastra) and two minutes of silence is observed. There is a National Police Museum which is dedicated to the departed. It shows respect by portraying their uniforms, weapons and gazettes used.

National Police Day recalls the valiant Police Forces who gave their lives for our motherland. Their bravery and courage remind us of their countless contributions to the country.

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FAQs on National Police Day

Q.1) Which day is celebrated as National Police Day?

October 21st is celebrated as National Police Day.

Q.2) National Police Day is also known as?

Martyr's Day is another name for National Police Day.

Q.3) Why is National Police Day important?

The day honours the sacrifices of police officers who were killed in an attack by Chinese troops in Ladakh on October 21.

Q.4) Where is the National Police Memorial?

The National Police Memorial is in Chanakyapuri, New Delhi.