List of Solar Power Plant in India 2023

By : Neha Dhyani

Updated : Mar 1, 2023, 13:07

There has been a downward trend regarding tariffs for solar power go. This could be attributed to various factors. However, the Solar Park Scheme has managed to give a huge impetus to the very necessary solar energy generation in a country like India. It acts as a flagship demonstration facility, encouraging more projects, providing impetus to companies and people to move to solar energy as their source of power. As a result, we have seen the burgeoning of solar power plants, reduction of cost, and along with it, technical improvements, which also had the effect of reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

The Scheme will enable and allow states to bring in private investors. Each state has a mandate called the Solar Renewable Purchase Obligation (RPO) to its citizens.

List of Solar Power Plants in India

The various states in India that are making significant efforts to increase their solar power capacity are given below:

1. Andhra Pradesh

Andhra Pradesh has a capacity of 3531 MW (as of August 2020) and plans to further add 10,050 MW. This will provide power supply to mainly the agricultural sector during the day. In addition, Andhra Pradesh wants to construct 33,000MW pumped storage projects as it has an urgent need to mitigate how intermittent renewable energy can be.

2. Delhi

Delhiis the capital of the country and is a city-state, which means it does not have the advantage of space to install ground-mounted solar power plants. However, Delhi has adopted a fully flexible net metering system and has a good amount of installed solar power capacity.

3. Gujarat

Gujarat is a very solar-developed state, with its total installed solar power generation capacity reaching 4,431 MW as of 31 March 2021. Gujarat has a lot of vacant lands, good connectivity, good transmission, distribution infrastructure, and utilities, all adding to its solar power potential.

4. Haryana

Haryana has set a target of 4.2 GW by 2022. It is one of the fastest-growing states with regard to solar energy.

5. Karnataka

Karnataka is the top solar state in India, having exceeded 5,000 MW installed capacity by the end of 2017–18.

6. Kerala

Kerala has an installed capacity of 298 MW. Kochi is the first airport that is run completely on solar energy. There are plans to set up solar power plants inmany districts of Kerala.

7. Ladakh

Ladakh has been surprisingly late as an entrant, given how sunny and dry its year normally is. But it has plans to install nearly 7,500 MW capacity in the next few years.

8. Madhya Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh has a good solar power capacity already. A 750 MW solar power plant spread over nearly 1600 acres, and Asia’s largest solar power plant has been constructed.

9. Maharashtra

It is ranked third in terms of solar insolation in India. There are many solar power plants being commissioned in Maharashtra it has a potential capacity of 64.32 GW

10. Rajasthan

Rajasthan ranks as one of India's most solar-developed states, with a capacity reaching 2289 MW (June 2018).

11. Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu ranks 5th in terms of operating solar-power capacity in India in May 2018. The total operating capacity in Tamil Nadu is 4.3 GW with plans for it to double by 2022

12. Telangana

It has a solar power generation capacity of 3,953 MW, and by 2022 it hopes to achieve a capacity of 5,000 MW 2022.

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FAQs on List of Solar Power Plants in India

Q.1) What is the installed national solar power capacity of India?

Installed National Solar Power Capacity of India is 40,085.37 MW

Q.2) Which is the state that generates the most solar power as of now (figures from 2021)?

Karnataka state that generates the most solar power as of now of7,355.17 MW

Q.3) What are the solar power capacities of the other Indian states and union territories?

  • Rajasthan - 5,732.58
  • Punjab - 959.50
  • Uttar Pradesh - 1, 712.50
  • Uttarakhand - 368.41
  • Haryana - 407.83
  • Delhi - 192.97
  • Jammu and Kashmir - 20.73
  • Chandigarh - 45.16
  • Himachal Pradesh - 42.73
  • Gujarat - 4,430.82
  • Maharashtra - 2,289.97
  • Chhattisgarh - 252.48
  • Madhya Pradesh - 2,463.22
  • Dadra and Nagar Haveli - 5.46
  • Goa - 7.44
  • Daman and Diu - 40.55
  • Tamil Nadu - 4,475.21
  • Andhra Pradesh - 4,203.00
  • Telengana - 3,953.12
  • Kerala - 257.00
  • Karnataka - 7,355.17
  • Puducherry - 9.33
  • Bihar - 159.51
  • Odisha - 401.72
  • Jharkhand - 52.06
  • West Bengal - 149.84
  • Sikkim - 0.07
  • Assam - 42.99
  • Tripura - 9.41
  • Arunachal Pradesh - 5.61
  • Mizoram - 1.53
  • Manipur - 6.36
  • Meghalaya - 0.12
  • Nagaland - 1.00
  • Andaman and Nicobar - 29.22
  • Lakshwadeep - 0.75