Global Firepower Index

By : Neha Dhyani

Updated : May 9, 2022, 9:12

The Global Firepower Index compares modern military powers of various countries to rank them in the order of superiority. Out of 193 UN-recognized countries, only 142 form part of the Global Firepower Index with a sizable military.

Global Firepower Index Overview

The Global Firepower Index is a yearly index published since 2006. The analysis considers both conventional and nuclear missile programs of the country. The Global Firepower Index also considers the neighbouring and regional relations of the country.

The country's geography is a critical parameter apart from 50 other parameters. Many countries which are ranked higher due to other parameters may have more strategic strength due to their geographic position.

How is the Global Firepower Index calculated?

Global Firepower Index is calculated by using 50+ individual parameters. It considers the workforce, equipment, budget, and geography while ranking the country.

Geography is considered one of the critical parameters. This is because many landlocked countries may not possess naval strength. However, they can be strong and comparable to naval forces.

While the Global Firepower Index ranks powerful militaries, it does not show the risk level possessed by the country to the world at large. Many countries possess military powers as deterrence with the principle against waging war unless provoked.

Global Firepower Index - Top 3 Most Powerful Militaries

Rank 1: United States of America

The USA is placed in a strong position. It has 11 aircraft carriers, which is the highest in the world. It also has 900+ attack helicopters. Furthermore, it has more than 40,000 armoured fighting vehicles and 65+ submarines apart from 13,000+ fighter jets.

Rank 2: Russian Federation

Russia has the second most powerful military with the 5th largest active personnel. It has 1,014,000 active personnel and reserve strength of 2,000,000 personnel.

The defence budget of Russia is the 4th highest in the world at $61 Bn. It spends 4.3% of its GDP on its military. It also has defence exports of more than $20 Bn.

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Rank 3: People's Republic of China

China is one of the fastest-growing militaries in the world. It spends a whopping $229 Bn on defence, which is 1.30% of its GDP. China recently shocked the world with its hypersonic missile technology by testing a missile.

China is also the fastest modernising military force giving it the required edge on the world stage.

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India's Rank in the Global Firepower Index

India is ranked four globally as per the Global Firepower Index. It has retained Rank 4 for the last few years consistently. India spends around $70 Bn, the 3rd highest globally, only after the USA and China. Also, India is focusing on indigenous defence manufacturing through "Make In India" or Aatmanirbhar Bharat.

The recent acquisition of Rafale and induction of Tejas LCA fighter jets have strengthened the Indian Air Force. Also, India is in the final stages of commissioning its 2nd Aircraft carrier INS Vikrant.

India also maintains a strong leadership in military strength among its immediate neighbours. While India is 4th Ranked, Pakistan is nearest at 10th Rank.

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FAQs on Global Firepower Index

Q1: When did the Global Firepower Index start publishing its analysis?

The Global Firepower Index started publishing its analysis in 2006.

Q2: Are all UN member countries part of the Global Firepower Index?

No. Only 142 countries considered to have measurable military power are part of the Global Firepower Index.

Q3: Who are the new entrants in the 2022 Global Firepower Index?

Luxembourg and Iceland are new entrants to the Global Firepower Index.

Q4: Which country is the ranked last in the Global Firepower Index of 2022?

Iceland - Ranked 142 is the last-ranked country in the Global Firepower Index of 2022.

Q5: Which are the top three Asian powers per the Global Firepower Index?

Rank 1 is Russia, followed by China and India, the top three Asian countries per the Global Firepower Index.