Internet Saathi Program

By : Neha Dhyani

Updated : Apr 29, 2022, 7:47

Internet education is an initiative of the Government of India to skill women, imparting practical knowledge in areas such as basic computer skills and internet research. The Internet Saathi Program aims to reach out to rural women who are usually not aware of what the Internet has in store for them. Learn more about this philanthropic initiative in the segments below.

What is the Internet Saathi Program?

In the world of computing, where technology is advancing at a rapid pace, over 45 percent of the Indian population is still not connected to the internet. Millions of people do not even know what the internet is all about!

In 2015, the Internet Saathi Program was launched by Tata Trusts in association with Google with one simple goal - to bridge the digital divide and get more rural women online.

Tata Trusts partnered with Google to help spread digital literacy skills and promote safe internet usage. People called Saathis were trained to go door-to-door on regular days to talk to women in their communities about the internet and teach them basic digital skills.

Objectives of the Internet Saathi Program

This program aims to improve digital literacy among rural women, who can then influence their families and communities to adopt digital ways of living. Under this program, Internet Saathi, or female volunteers, provide information, guidance, and training to other women in their villages regarding using computers, mobile phones, tablets, and the internet.

The vision of the Internet Saathi Program is to make digitally empowered women leaders in every village of India who will become the agents of change and ensure that all women reap the benefits of digital access.

As a part of this initiative, Google has worked with various NGOs like Goonj, Pradan, and Sakhi - Resource Group for Women to provide training and support material to the trainees such as laptops/smartphones, etc.

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Significance of Internet Saathi Program

Activated from within their communities and empowered to engage with them positively, the Internet Saathi are catalysts for change. They play a vital role in helping people overcome educational, economic, and social barriers by equipping them with the digital literacy skills needed to participate fully in our evolving digital world.

Over the years, a total of 81,500 Saathis have been trained from the local communities under the Internet Saathi Program across India. Furthermore, as of April 2019, more than 28 million women have been helped across 289,000 villages of India through this initiative.

The Internet Saathi Program trains rural women to provide information sessions on technology, internet usage, and digital literacy in their local communities. The main focus of the Internet Saathi Program is on bringing women out of their homes and helping them realize their potential by providing them with online knowledge.

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FAQs on Internet Saathi Program

Q 1. What is the primary objective of the Internet Saathi Program?

The primary objective of the Internet Saathi Program is to bridge the gap between rural India and the world of the internet. This program aims at providing digital literacy to women in rural areas so that they can explore the plethora of opportunities on the internet.

Q 2. When was the Internet Saathi Program first started?

The Internet Saathi Program was first started back in 2015.

Q 3. Who initiated the Internet Saathi Program?

The Internet Saathi Program was an initiative by Tata Trusts in association with Google to promote digital literacy in rural India.

Q 4. How many villages have been helped by the Internet Saathi Program so far?

As of April 2019, the Internet Saathi Program has helped over 289,000 villages in India by training over 81,000 Saathis.

Q 5. How has the Internet Saathi Program helped rural India?

The Internet Saathi Program has helped rural India by facilitating digital literacy through trained volunteers. These women volunteers have further helped the women in the village get acquainted with the various aspects of the internet and smartphones.