What is the Mission Purvodaya?

By : Neha Dhyani

Updated : Apr 28, 2022, 12:59

Mission Purvodaya was kickstarted in 2020 to accelerate the development of Eastern India by establishing an integrated steel centre in Kolkata, West Bengal. The focus is on the eastern states of India - Odisha, Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, West Bengal, and northern Andhra Pradesh, which own chromite, bauxite, and dolomite reserves.

Mission Purvodaya - Overview

The purpose of Mission Purvodaya is to enable rapid capacity expansion and improve the overall competitiveness of steelmakers in terms of both cost and quality.

In Odisha, a 50 billion mega steel plant was inaugurated. Arcelor Mittal Nippon Steel India and the Government of Odisha signed an agreement to build 12 million tonnes of integrated steelworks in the Kendrapada district of Odisha. This mega steel mill will enhance the economic development and job creation in Orissa. Mission Purvodaya aligns with the Prime Minister's vision of promoting East India's growth and will help achieve the national steel policy target capacity of 300 million tons (MTPA) annually by 2030.

Scope of Mission Purvodaya

In collaboration with the Government of Japan and the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), the Ministry of Steel held a workshop on "Realizing the Process to Increase Steel Use for Economic Growth."

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Objectives of Mission Purvodaya

The Government of India intends to create employment opportunities and promote the growth of the steel sector through Mission Purvodaya. The Government’s mission is to support the logistics and supply infrastructure that will transform the socio-economic landscape of East India. It will facilitate India's march towards a government-defined $ 5 trillion economy. It will also help reach the national steel policy goal of producing 300 tonnes of steel by 2030.

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Significance of Mission Purvodaya

Previously, Japan and India also launched the India-Japan Steel Dialogue to ensure sustainable growth in the steel sector. Exporting iron ore from India, especially Orissa, helped Japan become a major economic power.

The Eastern Belt has the potential to cover 75% of the country's incremental steel production capacity. The eastern states can play an important role in India's $ 5 trillion economic journeys, with the steel sector as a catalyst. By 2030-31, from a capacity of 300 MT, driven by Industry 4.0, it is expected that more than 200 MT will occur in this region alone.

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FAQs on Mission Purvodaya

Q.1. Why is eastern India chosen for Mission Purvodaya?

Eastern India chosen for Mission Purvodaya because India is currently the second-largest producer of crude steel in the world. According to government data, the Eastern Belt could add more than 75% of the country's incremental steel production capacity envisioned by the country's steel policy.

Q.2. What are the consequences and growth opportunities of Mission Purvodaya?

As discussed under Mission Purvodaya, it has the following consequences:

  • Employment opportunities along the entire value chain.
  • Socio-economic growth in East India.
  • Reduced inequality between the eastern part of the country and other parts of the country.

Q.3. How can Mission Purvodaya change the situation in Eastern India?

East India has endless opportunities and natural resources but lags behind in socio-economic development compared to the rest of the country. The development will take place in East India with Mission Purvodaya in the steel sector.

Q.4. Which workshop was recently conducted under Mission Purvodaya?

The workshop was recently conducted under Mission Purvodaya so that the Ministry of Steel, in collaboration with the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry (METI) and the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), held a workshop on "enabling technologies to increase steel consumption for economic growth."

Q.5. What are the basic elements that Mission Purvodaya focuses on?

The Mission Purvodaya and the integrated steel hub focus on three key elements -

  • Expansion of production capacity by promoting the establishment of steelworks.
  • Development of steel clusters close to integrated steel mills and demand centres.
  • Transforming logistics and supply infrastructure to transform the socio-economic landscape of the east.