International Human Solidarity Day [20th December]

By : Neha Dhyani

Updated : Apr 25, 2022, 9:45

The International Human Solidarity Day is observed on 20th December each year, and it is a day to celebrate unity in diversity. The day aims to raise awareness about the necessity of solidarity.

The Millenium Declaration of the United Nations states that solidarity is among the few fundamental values which ensure peaceful international relations.

International Human Solidarity Day - Overview

International Human Solidarity Day is a day to celebrate unity in diversity. On this day, governments all over the world take cognizance of their commitments to various international agreements.

The idea to promote solidarity on this day stems from the idea of achieving sustainable development and eradication of poverty. On this day, new actions are encouraged to eradicate poverty as well.

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History Of International Human Solidarity Day

The United Nations General Assembly met on 22nd December 2005 to pass a resolution, identifying solidarity as one of the basic values which should mark the existence of relations between people in the 21st century.

The International Human Solidarity Day is observed on 20th December. The event aims to raise the awareness of people about the importance of promoting a global understanding of human solidarity.

The General Assembly believed that promoting solidarity and the spirit of sharing are important components in combating poverty.

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International Human Solidarity Day Significance

On the International Human Solidarity Day, when governments reminisce their commitments toward various international agreements, people are encouraged to participate using debates regarding ways to promote solidarity.

At the same time, there is a constant effort toward finding innovative methods to help eradicate poverty.

Among the many activities that take place during International Human Solidarity Day are:

  • active campaigns on issues such as banning land mines,
  • bringing medical facilities closer to those in need,
  • providing relief efforts to help those who have suffered due to natural disasters,
  • achieving universal education,
  • fighting against corruption,
  • terrorism and poverty, and more.

Active promotion of the day takes place via articles in magazines, speeches at official events and web blogs.

On International Human Solidarity Day Interesting Facts is that the logo is based on the theme of the event. It consists of four humans surrounding an etching of the earth with their arms outstretched. The arms of the people are different in colour, which symbolizes their unity in diversity.

International Human Solidarity Day signifies that the day is set apart to observe unity in diversity.

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FAQs on International Human Solidarity Day

Q.1. When is the International Human Solidarity Day celebrated?

The International Human Solidarity Day is celebrated each year on 20th December.

Q.2. When was the International Human Solidarity Day first observed?

The International Human Solidarity Day was first observed in December 2002.

Q.3. What is the significance of the World Solidarity fund in the context of the International Human Solidarity Day?

The significance in the context of the International Human Solidarity Day is that the United Nations, in its General Assembly, set up the World Solidarity Fund in February 2003 to fund the development programs which served to eradicate poverty.

Q.4. In the context of International Human Solidarity Day, when was solidarity recognised as a universal value?

In the context of the International Human Solidarity Day, Solidarity was recognised as a universal value on 22nd December 2005 at the UN General Assembly.

Q.5. How is International Human Solidarity Day a day of action?

As a day of action, International Human Solidarity Day encourages new initiatives to eradicate poverty.