India-Denmark Relations

By : Neha Dhyani

Updated : Apr 25, 2023, 6:58

India-Denmark relations are friendly and cordial. Both countries support each other in developing economic, academic, political, research, and sustainable synergies. India-Denmark relations were established in 1949, and since then, the relationship between the two countries has prospered.

India maintains bilateral relations with the majority of countries and Denmark has a unique and special relationship with India. In this article, we have shared further information on India-Denmark relations and the history and significance of this bilateral relationship.

About India-Denmark Relations

India-Denmark relations are characterized by mutual cooperation and respect. The countries have collaborated on several projects on sustainable development and energy use. A healthy trade between the two countries also indicates good India-Denmark relations. Denmark is also a source of direct investment in India in the domains of agriculture and renewable energy.

One of the key highlights of the India-Denmark relationship is the 2018 signing of an MoU on mutual cooperation in the area of renewable energy. Find out more about India-Denmark relations from the table shared below.

India-Denmark Relations



Indian Embassy Location

Copenhagen, Denmark

Denmark Embassy Location

New Delhi, India

India-Denmark Relations: Green Strategic Partnership

To foster India-Denmark relations, a joint statement was initiated in October 2021 to establish the Green Strategic Partnership between the two countries.

  • Both countries will look into developing frameworks for climate policies, expansion in the use of renewable energy, and development of effective climate policies.
  • The President of India, Ram Nath Kovind met the Prime Minister of Denmark, Mette Frederiksen, and discussed the India-Denmark Green Strategic partnership project.
  • The Prime Minister of Denmark was the first delegate that the President received post Covid-19 pandemic.
  • The fact that makes India-Denmark relations unique is that Denmark is the only country with whom India has a Green Strategic Partnership.
  • With the Green Strategic Partnership, India and Denmark's relations will strengthen significantly.

India-Denmark Relations: History

The history of the India-Denmark relationship can be traced to 1949 when Denmark first recognized India as an independent country free from colonial rule. Here are the events that followed that established India-Denmark relations.

  • Even before India’s independence, Denmark and India had been trade partners.
  • During the mid-20th century, both India and Denmark opened up their economies and expanded their diplomatic relations.
  • India-Denmark relations consist of Denmark’s aid to India in the areas of agriculture, energy, and infrastructure.

India-Denmark Relations: High-Profile Visits

High-profile delegates from both India and Denmark visit each other's countries to maintain strong and secure India-Denmark relations. Some of the important visits between the nations were as follows.

  1. Prime Minister of Denmark Ms. Mette Frederiksen visited India from 9 to 11th October 2021. The developments in the Green Strategic Partnership were discussed between the Prime Ministers of both countries.
  2. India-Denmark relations were strong even during the pandemic through virtual meetings. The Green Strategic Partnership was launched during the India-Denmark virtual Bilateral Summit.
  3. External Affairs Minister of India, S. Jaishankar was in Denmark in September 2021 to boost and nourish India-Denmark relations. He attended the Joint Commission to discuss the action plan for the partnership for the coming five years.
  4. The then Prime Minister of Denmark, Lars Lokke Rasmussen visited India in January 2019 as a partner country for the Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit. A bilateral meeting was held with the Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi along with exchanges of MoUs.
  5. The then Prime Minister of Denmark Lars Lokke Rasmussen visited India on 11th September 2009 as COP15 host. The then Prime Minister of India, Dr. Manmohan Singh discussed India-Denmark relations, bilateral issues, and global climate change.
  6. Dr. Manmohan Singh visited Denmark in September to participate in COP15.
  7. Salman Khurshid, Minister of Water Resources visited Denmark in 2011 for a meeting with the Danish Minister of Environment, Ms. Karen Ellemann.

India-Denmark Relations: Bilateral Agreements

Apart from high-level visits, India-Denmark relations are based on several bilateral agreements in trade, investments, and research. Some of the important MoUs signed by India and Denmark include:

  1. Mapping of groundwater resources and aquifers MoU between Aarhus University, Denmark, Geological Survey of Denmark, and National Geophysical Research Institute, Hyderabad.
  2. To make India-Denmark relations stronger, the Traditional Knowledge Digital Library Access Agreement between the Danish Patent and Trademark Office and the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research was made.
  3. The establishment of Center of Excellence is looking for natural refrigerants for tropical climates MoU between Danfoss Industries Private Limited and Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore.
  4. Development of Hydrogen Electrolyzer and manufacturing of the same MoU between Stiesdal Fuel Technology and Reliance Industries Limited. This further strengthened India-Denmark relations, especially in the field of renewable energy.
  5. Establishment of Center of Excellence in attaining Excellence for Sustainability Solutions in Denmark MoU between Aarhus University and Infosys Technologies in India.

India-Denmark Relations: Significance

India-Denmark relations have strengthened with continuous communication, the movement of high authorities, and agreements that commit to a better future for both countries. India and Denmark have already committed to developing green sustainable processes that are not only beneficial to the countries but to the entire world.

By working together on renewable energy, agriculture, and trade, India-Denmark relations are certain to foster. The nations share a mutual respect for each others’ cultures and it makes the bilateral relationship much more meaningful.

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FAQs on India-Denmark Relations

Q1. How are India-Denmark relations in 2023?

India-Denmark relations are cordial and based on mutual respect and cooperation. The countries have cooperated in education, healthcare, science, and technology. India-Denmark relations are also strengthened by Denmark’s significant investment in India.

Q2. What is the India-Denmark strategic partnership?

The 2021 India-Denmark Green Strategic Partner will develop frameworks for climate policies, expansion in the use of renewable energy, and development of effective climate policies. India-Denmark relations are based on the nations’ mutual interest in generating renewable energy.

Q3. What is the recent development in India-Denmark relations?

Recently, a joint statement was initiated for establishing the Green Strategic Partnership between the governments of the two countries. This partnership makes India-Denmark relations very unique as Denmark is the only country with whom India has a Green Strategic Partnership.

Q4. Why is the Green Strategic Partnership important for India-Denmark relations?

The Green Strategic Partnership is important for India-Denmark relations as it is a unique partnership that aims at the critical issue of climate change. The partnership will lead to a win-win situation for both countries with the exchange of technology, research, and products that aim on reducing climate change.

Q5. What was the recent high-profile visit between India and Denmark?

The recent visit of the Prime Minister of Denmark Ms. Mette Frederiksen to India from 9 to 11th October 2021 indicated good India-Denmark relations. The Prime Minister had arrived in India for discussions on the developments of the Green Strategic Partnership.