World Milk Day [June 1]

By : Neha Dhyani

Updated : May 6, 2022, 11:24

The world recognises the production and consumption aspects of the milk on World Milk Day. Celebrated annually on June 1, the Food and Agricultural Organisation (FAO) established the day in 2001. It acknowledges the qualities and importance of milk as global food and celebrates the passionate commitment of the dairy sector to feeding humanity.

World Milk Day Objectives

World Milk Day aims to globally promote the legacy of milk and allied products like:

  • It is global food consumed since time immemorial
  • It is a mixture of quintessential major and minor, constituting a healthy and balanced diet
  • According to Food and Agricultural Organisation, around six billion people consume milk in one or another way globally
  • The industry provides livelihood to one billion people
  • Milk is central to food security, nutrition, economic sustenance, and development

History of World Milk Day

The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) founded International Milk Day in 2001 to emphasise the importance of milk as a worldwide food and to recognize the dairy sector. It aims to enhance milk awareness and draw attention to milk and the dairy industry.

Since several countries already had a National Milk day at or near this time, FAO proposed this date. Initially, they considered late May, but other countries, particularly China, observed that several red-letter days stuff the month. While most countries commemorate World Milk Day on June 1, some prefer to celebrate a week before or after.

World Milk Day Theme

According to a report by the Anand Dairy University, the industry accounts for 2.7 per cent of global carbon-dioxide emissions. Emissions begin with the production of dairy animal feed and end with the consumption of milk products.

Therefore, the theme for International Milk Day 2022 will showcase the work in progress to expedite climate action and minimize the environmental impact of the dairy industry.

Fueled by the recent developments towards combating climate change at the global level, it emphasises the role of the industry in achieving the humongous climate targets. Moreover, the day will encourage sustainable dairy production towards achieving Dairy Net-Zero.

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India and World Milk Day

  • India aces global milk production
  • The 2022 theme resonates with India’s global commitment to curbing climate change
  • In 2021, India topped the list of countries with the most World Milk Day social media activity
  • The Ministry of Health and Welfare ran social media campaigns on various social media profiles with hashtags #WorldMilkDay and #EnjoyDairy
  • To promote the health advantages of dairy products, the government launched a public awareness campaign, A Glass of Goodness
  • The National Dairy Development Board held a Milk & Me photo contest

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To sum up, milk is an essential component of a healthy, balanced diet for everyone, and World Milk Day is an excellent opportunity to spread this idea to the world. The day witnesses milk donations, airing TV commercials, farm visits, milking demonstrations, conferences, seminars, milk day campaigns, fun community events, games, competitions, and concerts.

India is currently the top milk producer, with over 199 million tonnes produced in 2021 (USDA), making it a responsible global player in International Milk Day.

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FAQs on World Milk Day

Q.1. Who established World Milk Day?

The food and Agricultural Organisation of the United Nations established World Milk Day in 2001.

Q.2. When does the world community celebrate World Milk Day?

The global community celebrates World Milk Day on June 1 every year.

Q.3. What is the relevance of World Milk Day?

World Milk Day recognises the significance of milk as a global food with its magical nutritional benefits. Also, it focuses on the role of the dairy sector in providing livelihood to more than one billion people.

Q.4. Do people celebrate World Milk Day on social media?

People celebrate World Milk Day on social media through TikTok challenges. They are -

  • Organize contests like dairy songs and recipe contests,
  • Post dairy farm videos,
  • Go live on Facebook/Instagram from a dairy farm,
  • Run influencer campaigns on dairy products, or
  • Further the conversation on social media with the hashtags #WorldMilkDay & #EnjoyDairy.

In 2021, the #WorldMilkDay campaign received 1.38 billion social media impressions.

Q.5. How many countries celebrate World Milk Day?

One hundred countries celebrate World Milk Day in 2021. The list of participating countries increases every year.