India Cuba Relations

By : Neha Dhyani

Updated : May 11, 2022, 8:22

India Cuba Relations have been warm and friendly ever since its inception. They share healthy bilateral relations. India was one of the first nations to recognize Cuba after the 1959 Cuban revolution.

India Cuba Relations - Important Designing Milestones

Ernesto Guevera's (Che) visit to India in 1959 led to the consolidation of diplomatic ties between the two countries. Also, it led to the opening of embassies in each other capitals.

On 12 January 1960, the first head of the Mission presented credentials in Havana. Both the countries also maintained close ties in important international forums like the UN, NAM, and others.

There have been significantly high-level visits between India and Cuba over the years. Cuban President Fidel Castro visited India in the years 1973 and 1983. And from the Indian side, Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi visited Cuba in 1985, while Prime Minister Manmohan Singh went on a Cuba visit in 2006.

India's vote favouring the UN General Assembly resolution in support of ending the United States embargo against Cuba and Cuba's publicly expressed support for India's permanent seat in the UN Security Council proves the excellent diplomatic relations between the two nations. Cuba also voted for India's candidature in the UNSC for the non-permanent seat.

India Cuba Relations – Economic and Cultural

As of the 1980s, the bilateral trade between the two countries was around US$300 million. But as a result of the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991 and India's economic liberalization, there came a sharp decline in the trade between the two countries. As of 2017, India's Cuba relationship in economic trade stood at around USD$38.81 million.

Pharmaceutical products, plastic and rubber products, organic chemical, machinery, and mechanical appliances make up India's main export to Cuba. India Cuba Relations are also get reflected by collaborations in areas like Homeopathy, Biotechnology, and the traditional medicine system.

Also, India extends developmental assistance to Cuba in different sectors. India donated 60 tractors in 2019 to Cuba, accessories, medicines, and medical equipment.

Yoga and Vipassana are also practised in Cuba like in India. Cuba celebrated the International Day of Yoga, the 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, 550th anniversary of Guru Nanak. Rabindranath Tagore's birth anniversary is also celebrated every year in Cuba.

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India Cuba Relations - Other Indian Aids to Cuba

In 1992, Cuba received 10000 tonnes of wheat and rice from India. This was an important point of India Cuba Relations, with Fidel Castro terming the donation "Bread of India".

In 1995, a 5KW Solar Power Plant was donated to Cuba by India along with spare parts worth Rs. 5 Lakhs.

In 2008, India wrote off a loan and interest amounting to $62 million to the Cuban Government.

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India also extended $2million in cash after Hurricane Gustav, Ike, and Paloma in 2008 and during the Cuban earthquake.

In 2013, a donation of $1 million was made by India to Cuba for the construction of the AstroTurf Hockey Pitch.

Under the Indian Technical and Economic Cooperation Program and the Indian Council of Cultural Rights, scholarships are given to citizens of Cuba.

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FAQs on India Cuba Relations

Q.1. How Can You define India Cuba Relations?

Ans. India Cuba Relations can be defined as the relationship between India and Cuba has been very friendly and warm, with important bilateral, economic, political, and cultural exchanges between the two over the years.

Q.2. Given India Cuba Relations, who is the first Indian President to visit Cuba since 1959?

Ans. Ram Nath Kovind is the first Indian President to visit Cuba since 1959 as given in India Cuba Relations.

Q.3. Regarding India Cuba Relations, where are the embassies established in India and Cuba?

Ans. Regarding India Cuba Relations, The Embassy of Cuba is in New Delhi in India. And the Indian Embassy in Cuba is in Havana.

Q.4. Given India Cuba Relations, Who is the present ambassador of India to Cuba?

Ans. The present Indian Ambassador in Cuba is Dr S Janakiraman, as given in India Cuba Relations.

Q.5. Concerning India Cuba Relations, which state in India is termed mini Cuba?

Ans. Concerning India Cuba Relations, Bhiwani in India is called Cuba in India or Mini Cuba due to many boxers from the region.