Earth Biogenome Project [EBP]

By : Neha Dhyani

Updated : Jun 10, 2022, 11:21

A scientific mission was introduced a few years back to map the genome of each and every species of plant, animal, and other organisms on the planet over the next ten years.

The Earth Biogenome Project [EBP] is a proposed initiative intended to create a database of DNA and other information that works as a platform for research and efforts in the areas of environment and conservation. The project was officially launched in 2018.

Earth Biogenome Project [EBP] Objective

Described to be the next moonshot for biology, the Earth Biogenome Project [EBP] is known as a highly promising initiative in the field of science.

It will ultimately create a new biological base to drive innovative solutions for biodiversity preservation and sustenance of human societies.

Facts About Earth Biogenome Project [EBP]

The Earth Biogenome Project [EBP] was first proposed in a paper published in 2018.

It is an international consortium of scientists dedicated to working on a project that sequences, catalogues and characterises genomes of all the species on the Earth for ten years.

Of about 8 million eukaryotic species existing on the planet, only 0.2 per cent genome has only been sequenced so far. It aims to map about 1.5 million species comprising all complex forms of life known to man.

The project will put into practice advances in the fields of artificial intelligence, informatics, genome sequencing technology, and automation for the first time. The targeted genome of 1.5 million represents all the species catalogued by science.

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Other Historical Biogenome Initiatives

Another project named Human Genome Project of a similar significance and scale was completed in 2003.

19 research institutions have so far registered for participation in the project. The Earth Biogenome Project [EBP] will generate massive volumes of data, more than those accumulated by YouTube or Twitter.

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The Significance of The Earth Biogenome Project [EBP]

The Earth Biogenome Project [EBP] intends to create a useful resource for the study of a wide range of plant and animal species. It also aims to open up new possibilities for the treatment of infections, and anti-ageing drugs and develop new approaches to food shortages.

The Earth Biogenome Project is also receiving the support of the World Economic Forum through its Fourth Industrial Revolution involving the development of Earth Bank Codes.

In conclusion, the initiative is expected to result in stellar improvements when it comes to innovations, and discoveries during the coming years. It has since been enumerated across other fronts by different governments and institutions to further enhance scientific capabilities.

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FAQs n Earth Biogenome Project [EBP]

Q1. What are Eukaryotes?

Eukaryotes are organisms whose cells have a nucleus inside a closed membrane as opposed to prokaryotes that consist of a single cell. Examples of eukaryotes include animals, plants, and fungi, which form a crux of the Earth Biogenome Project [EBP].

Q2. Who is funding the Earth Biogenome Project [EBP]?

The Earth Biogenome Project [EBP] is projected to cost a total of around $4.7 billion. It has acquired initial investments from the US government as well as international funding bodies like Wellcome Trust.

Q3. What inspired the Earth Biogenome Project [EBP]?

Earth Biogenome Project [EBP] was inspired by the Human Genome Project, which was done in an effort to complete the mapping and understanding of human genes. The Earth Biogenome Project [EBP] aims at achieving the same for the planet's eukaryotic species.

Q4. What is Genome India Project?

Earth Biogenome Project [EBP] is an initiative of the Department of Biotechnology inspired by the Human Genome Project.

It was launched in 2020 with an aim of collecting 10000 samples of genes from Indian citizens to create a reference genome. The intent and approach of this initiative are quite similar to the Earth Biogenome Project [EBP].