List of Popular Books and Authors 2021

By : Neha Dhyani

Updated : Feb 23, 2022, 8:21

The year 2021 has brought about some great titles in every genre. As every individual has a different taste and perspective, there is no such thing as the best book of the year. Let us talk about some notable books and authors of 2021.

Popular Books & Authors 2021

2021 was a stellar year for non-fiction; M. Rajshekhar outlines the tale of Indian states in ‘Despite the States’ as the author reports from six states over a span of 33 months to deliver an account of a crisis that goes greatly unnoticed.

Another well-researched book is ‘Modi’s India’ by Christophe Jaffrelot who shows how the government takes India towards a new form of democracy. On the other hand, Mannu Pillai in the brilliantly researched book ‘False Allies’ disputes the way India’s kings has been cast traditionally.

In fiction, 2021 offered a great selection too. One of the best fiction publications is ‘The House Next to the Factory’ by Sonal Kohli. It is a simple yet impactful collection of stories about a family that came to Delhi post partition of India. Another great read is Rahul Raina’s debut ‘How to Kidnap the Rich’, a fresh and hilarious novel that is a love story, social satire, and caper in one.

Daribha Lyndem describes a different set of characters in ‘Name Place Animal Thing’, a collection of stories about people around a little girl living in Shillong. ‘Tomb of Sand’ by Geetanjali Shree is translated by Daisy Rockwell to provide a true delight. It is a novel about partition and grief that is turned funny, engaging, and original by Geetanjali’s wordplay and playful tone.

Talking about the non-fiction from out of India, ‘Karachi Vice’ by Samira Shackle tells of life and death in the Pakistan city through interwoven stories of five people including a school teacher, a crime reporter, and an ambulance driver.

Another interesting read results from Sathnam Sanghera’s efforts in understanding how the colonial experience shapes modern Britain. The well-researched ‘Empireland’ stands out for not interpreting history in terms of rights and wrongs. Another exceptional personal story was told in ‘Free’ by Lea Ypi where you experience a magical and timeless account of what life actually is under communism.

Some of the most notable works of non-fiction in 2021 comprise ‘Real Estate’, the last living autobiography by Deborah Levy, a great author of the time known for creating some highly praised books.

Another book that proves novels need not be long-drawn to be impactful comes as Benjamin Labatut’s ‘When We Cease to Understand the World’, a fictional examination of scientists’ lives. These were some of the popular books and authors in the year 2021. 

New releases from esteemed authors and marquee publications were the redeeming aspect of 2021, with the raging pandemic, lockdowns and work-from-home. 

These books had plenty to offer for a diverse range of audiences and set new literary arts standards that are likely to persist even as the pandemic recedes.

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FAQs About Books & Authors

  • Who is the author of the book ‘400 Days’?

The book is written by the popular author Chetan Bhagat in 2021.

  • Which book did Kiran Bedi launch in 2021?

The former Lt. Governor of Puducherry and retired IPS officer, Kiran Bedi has authored a book ‘Fearless Governance’ released in 2021.

This book is based on the realities encountered by the author during her five-year service and on the basis of her vast experience in the police service.