Deputy Speaker of Lok Sabha

By : Neha Dhyani

Updated : Apr 27, 2022, 11:47

The second-highest ranking legislative position of the Lok Sabha, the Deputy Speaker of Lok Sabha acts as the speaker when the speaker is unavailable or dead. By convention, this position is offered to the opposition party in India.

The deputy speaker is chosen through election by the house from among its members after the general elections for a five-year term. The elected person serves the position until they resign or no longer remain a member of the Lok Sabha.

Deputy Speaker Lok Sabha - Roles, Functions & Responsibilities

  • The Deputy Speaker of Lok Sabha is not a subordinate to the speaker, and the speaker has no authority over them.
  • When the Deputy Speaker of Lok Sabha presides over a sitting, they can exercise all the powers of the Lok Sabha speaker.
  • Apart from presiding over the house in the speaker's absence, the Deputy Speaker of Lok Sabha becomes the chairman of the committees held inside and outside the parliament.
  • Whenever the speaker's post gets vacant, the deputy speaker takes up all the speaker's responsibilities and exercises administrative and legislative powers.
  • When the speaker is not present, the deputy speaker presides over the Lok Sabha sessions and is responsible for maintaining decorum of the house and discipline.
  • They can permit different resolutions and motions like the motion of censure, the motion of no confidence, calling attention notice, and others. They also decide whether or not a bill is a money bill.
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Lok Sabha Deputy Speakers - Currently & Over The Years

Unfortunately, the post of Lok Sabha deputy speaker has been unfilled since 2019. This has happened for the first time in the history of independent India. However, it remains critical to have a Voice Speaker of Lok Sabha to ensure the house's smooth functioning and deal with uncertainties.

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Recently, the Delhi High Court has asked for an explanation for delaying the appointment. A petition was filed claiming that keeping the post vacant violates Article 93 of the Constitution. India has a long list of eminent individuals holding the position. Here is a definitive Deputy Speaker of Lok Sabha List.

NameConstituencyFrom ToDuration
M. A. AyyangarTirupati30 May 19527 March 19563 years, 282 days
Hukam SinghBathinda20 March 19564 April 19576 years, 11 days
S. V. Krishnamoorthy RaoShimoga23 April 19623 March 19674 years, 314 days
Raghunath Keshav KhadilkarKhed28 March 196711 November 19692 years, 228 days
George Gilbert SwellShillong9 December 196918 January 19777 years, 40 days
Godey MurahariVijaywada1 April 197722 August 19792 years, 143 days
G. LakshmananChennai North1 December 198031 December 19844 years, 30 days
M. ThambiduraiDharmapuri22 January 198527 November 19894 years, 309 days
Shivraj PatilLatur19 March 199013 March 1991359 days
S. MallikarjunaiahTumkur13 August 199110 May 19964 years, 271 days
Suraj BhanAmbala12 July 19964 December 19971 year, 145 days
P.M. SayeedLakshadweep17 December 19986 February 20045 years, 51 days
Charanjit Singh AtwalPhillaur9 June 200418 May 20094 years, 343 days
Kariya MundaKhunti3 June 200918 May 20144 years, 349 days
M. ThambiduraiKarur13 August 201425 May 20194 years, 285 days
Vacant23 June 2019Incumbent2 years, 302 days


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FAQs on Deputy Speaker of Lok Sabha

Q.1) Has a Deputy Speaker of Lok Sabha served more than once?

M. Thambidurai has served twice as the Deputy Speaker of Lok Sabha.

Q.2) What is the main role of the Deputy Speaker of Lok Sabha?

The deputy speaker acts as the presiding officer whenever the Deputy Speaker of Lok Sabha is unavailable.

Q.3) Who was the First Deputy Speaker of Lok Sabha?

The First Deputy Speaker of Lok Sabha was M.A. Ayyangar, who served from 1952 to 1956.

Q.4) How can a Deputy Speaker of Lok Sabha be removed?

The Deputy Speaker of Lok Sabha can be removed from the office by a resolution passed by a majority of the members.

Q.5) Who is the current Deputy Speaker of Lok Sabha?

Since 2019, ever since the retirement of M Thambidurai, the role has remained vacant, with no new names being submitted for the post of Deputy Speaker of Lok Sabha.