Cleanest Village In Asia - Mawlynnong, Meghalaya

By : Neha Dhyani

Updated : Jun 1, 2022, 11:29

It might come as a wonder that the title for the Cleanest Village in Asia goes to a location in the Khasi range of hills in Meghalaya. Mawlynnong is Asia's Cleanest Village. It was declared and given the title in the year 2003. It lies at a distance of approximately 90 km from the capital city of Shillong.

The high-altitude location of the Cleanest Village in Asia offers incredible views of the Bangladeshi plains since the village lies at the Indian-Bangladesh border area. Another factor that brings fame to the village is that it has achieved a 100% literacy rate with a very strong woman empowerment drive.

Weather Conditions in Mawlynnong - The Cleanest Village in Asia

Asia's Cleanest Village enjoys pleasant weather conditions all-round the year. Yet, for traveller enthusiasts, the best time to visit the village is during the monsoons. Surrounded by lush greenery, the Cleanest Village in Asia becomes a spectacle for the eye during this time.

The village is also popular for some special festive seasons. These include Behdienkhlam during July, Wangala between September and December, and Nongkrem, a dance festival during October or November. As some of the most prominent festivals celebrated in the village, the visitor footfall here is higher during these months.

How Does Cleanest Village in Asia Maintain Its Clean State?

In Mawlynnong or Asia's Cleanest Village, cleanliness is a way of life for the residents. Since 2007, each house in the village has been using a functional toilet. Dustbins made from Bamboo have been installed all over the village to collect trash. It is a practice to collect dried leaves that fall from trees and throw them in the dustbins. The use of plastic bags is entirely banned in the village, and everyone is prohibited from smoking, including visitors to the village. These rules are compulsory for everyone, and anyone found defaulting must pay a hefty fine.

Another fantastic way Mawlynnong village maintains its serene surroundings is by producing its manure, which is converted from garbage dug and kept in a pit. The residents of this village are committed to cleaning their houses and their surroundings by sweeping the roads and planting trees. All of these efforts by the villagers contribute to making the place the Cleanest Village in Asia.

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Cleanest Village in Asia - Residents of Mawlynnong

The main residents of Asia's Cleanest Village are the people of the Khasi tribe. The tribe is quite famous for leaving behind the patriarchal form of society. This means that children in the tribe get their name from their mother's surname, and the mother's wealth is passed down to the family's youngest daughter.

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This is, in fact, a prime expression of the state of woman empowerment in the village. It is known that the tribe extends extremely warm hospitality to the visitors who come to enjoy the scenic views of the village.

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FAQs on Cleanest Village in Asia

Q:1 What are the best places to visit in Mawlynnong the Cleanest Village in Asia?

The Cleanest Village in Asia offers several attractive places to see for tourists. The Sky View is a vantage point with a viewing tower, the Mawlynnong waterfall, and the Church of Epiphany.

Q:2 Explain the demographics of the Cleanest Village in Asia - Mawlynnong village.

As per the official numbers from 2019, the Cleanest Village in Asia is home to around 900 residents. For most people living in this region, agriculture happens to be the major occupation. The most common crop grown in the region is betel nut. During the summer season, the locals also grow pineapple and lychees, later exported. The common religion practised by the people of this region is Christianity.

Q:3 Who declared Maylynnong as Cleanest Village in Asia?

Mawlynnong was declared the Cleanest Village in Asia in 2003 by a magazine titled 'Discover India.' It was also labelled as the cleanest village in India in 2005.

Q:4 What are sacred groves?

Sacred groves are a small portion of the forest area in Meghalaya. Locals preserve the ancient forest region as per their religious and cultural beliefs. The sacred groves are a place of tourist interest for people who visit the Cleanest Village in Asia.