CA TS UPSC - Conservation Assured Tiger Standards

By : Neha Dhyani

Updated : Apr 15, 2022, 5:29

CA TS aims to restore the tiger population naturally across tiger reserves, national parks, biosphere reserves and wildlife sanctuaries. It comprises criteria that compare the present condition of these locations and whether it's viable for future tiger conservation.

CA TS UPSC is a must-know topic for Indian Forest Service (IFS) aspirants. It's also asked in the General Studies paper and a must-read to higher your scores in the UPSC preliminary exam.

CA TS UPSC - Overview

Conservation Assured Tiger Standards (CA|TS) is a worldwide accreditation standard for the conservation of tigers. It comprises 7 pillars, which contain 17 elements that assure successful restoration of the tiger population within a protected natural spot.

When studying CA|TS UPSC, you should know the pillars and the elements that ensure tiger conservation. Also, there are only 17 CA|TS recognised tiger reserves in the world.

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Criteria for Measuring CA TS

Here's a crisp list of the 7 pillars and the 17 elements you need to know for CA|TS UPSC.

Importance and Status

1. Biological, cultural and social significance

2. Area design

3. Legal status, regulation and compliance


4. Management planning

5. Management implementation

6. Management processes

7. Staffing

8. Infrastructure, equipment and facilities

9. Sustainability of financial resources

10. Adaptive management


11. Human/wildlife conflict

12. Community relations

13. Stakeholder relationships

Tourism14. Tourism and interpretation
Protection15. Protection
Habitat Management16. Habitat and prey management
Tiger Populations17. Tiger populations

CA TS UPSC and Tiger Conservation in India

India is home to nearly 70% of the world's tiger population. Out of the 53 tiger reserves in the country, 14 have received CA|TS accreditation. In the last decade, thanks to rigorous efforts to enhance the tiger population, the latest census in 2018 reports the tiger population lies between 2603 and 3346, with a mean of 2967.

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SSC CHSL ExamSSC Steno Exam
RRB NTPC ExamIBPS Clerk Exam

For CA|TS UPSC here's the list of all state-wise tiger reserves in India with CA|TS accreditation.

StatesCATS recognised Tiger Reserve

1. Kaziranga

2. Manas

3. Orang

Bihar4. Valmiki
Madhya Pradesh

5. Kanha

6. Panna

7. Satpura

Maharashtra8. Pench
Karnataka9. Bandipur
Kerala10. Parambikulam
Tamil Nadu

11. Anamalai

12. Mudumalai

Uttar Pradesh13. Dudhwa
West Bengal14. Sunderban

Role of CA TS in Tiger Conservation

Tigers play the role of a keystone species in the forest ecosystem. CA|TS conducted extensive studies of the ground factors to assess the chances of tiger repopulation in an enclosed forest.

For CA|TS UPSC, it's vital to know the role of the Tiger Conservation Authority, which ensures tigers can breed and multiply in their naturalised habitat without external threats. By 2022, they want to establish 150 TCAs while registering all major tiger hotspots with CA|TS.

Countries Under CA|TS

The CA|TS UPSC lists 13 countries that comprise the entire natural habitat of tigers worldwide. It includes:

  • Bangladesh
  • Bhutan
  • Cambodia
  • China
  • India
  • Indonesia
  • Laos
  • Malaysia
  • Myanmar
  • Nepal
  • Russia
  • Thailand
  • Vietnam

The role of CA TS in tiger conservation has shown a fruitful method to enhance the tiger population, otherwise decreasing because of poaching or lower reproductive rate. To prepare for CA|TS UPSC related questions, aspirants must prepare meticulously to remember all factual information on CA|TS.

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Q.1. Name the first CA|TS UPSC site in India?

The first CA|TS UPSC site in India is Lansdowne Forest Division (Uttarakhand).

Q.2. Where are the other CA|TS UPSC sites worldwide?

There are two other CA|TS UPSC sites in Nepal (Chitwan National Park) and Russia (Sikhote Alin National Park).

Q.3. What is the advantage of the CA|TS UPSC?

Tiger reserves following the CA|TS UPSC guidelines have the highest chance of tiger repopulation in the future.

Q.4. How many tiger reserves in India have received accreditation under CA|TS UPSC?

There are 14-CA|TS UPSC accredited sites in India.

Q.5. Which is the latest tiger reserve in India to get CA|TS UPSC accreditation?

The Sunderban National Park is the latest to receive CA|TS UPSC accreditation in 2021.