Ayush 82

By : Neha Dhyani

Updated : Mar 14, 2022, 12:21

Ayush 82 is an ayurvedic drug for the treatment of diabetes. It was developed by the Central Council for Research in Ayurvedic Sciences. It includes four herbal ingredients: Gymnema Sylvestre (Gudmar), Syzygium cumini (Jamun), Mangifera indica (Aam), Momordica charantia (Karela), and Asphaltum (Shilajit). It is supposed to cure Type-II diabetes permanently in six months. Kudos Laboratories have the manufacturing and distribution rights for this ayurvedic drug and have re-named it IME-9.

Ayush 82 is rich in antioxidants and fulvic acid, which helps in insulin production and lowers damage to Beta cells from free radicals. A mix of herbs having curative properties is used to make this drug.

What are the Benefits of Ayush 82?

The following are the supposed benefits of Ayush 82:

  • Helps regulate glucose levels
  • Restores Beta cells
  • Provides relief from diabetes-associated symptoms
  • Lowers Insulin resistance
  • Helps manage postprandial sugar
  • Reduces fatigue
  • Regulates thirst, hunger, and urine
  • Reduced diabetes-associated issues like retinopathy, nephropathy, and neuropathy

How Does Ayush 82 work?

The medicinal properties in all the ingredients of Ayush 82 help manage diabetes, like so:

Mangifera indica (Aam)

Has bioactive compounds like carotenoids, triterpenoids, tannins, gallic acid, and mangiferin. The beta cells can increase the amount of insulin using these compounds.

Momordica charantia (Karela)

This reduces blood glucose levels naturally. The beta cells in the pancreas produce higher insulin with bitter gourd.

Gymnema Sylvestre (Gudmar)

Gymnema Saponins and Gymnemic-Acid in Gudmar control sugar by helping the islet cells recover.

Syzygium cumini (Jamun)

It helps lower blood glucose levels with its anti-diabetic properties. Its seed extracts help regulate postprandial sugar.

Asphaltum (Shilajit)

This improves the stomach's retention power, increases insulin generation, and makes beta cells stronger.

Important Facts About Ayush 82

  • It is considered a major breakthrough in Complementary medicine and Alternative Healthcare. It has the approval of the Department of Ayush.
  • The ayurvedic drug reportedly has a high efficacy rate, and diabetic patients have had a reduction of 96% in blood glucose levels.

What is the Recommended Dosage for Ayush 82?

The commonly recommended dose is two tablets, three times a day before meals with lukewarm water for adults and geriatric patients.

Ayush 82 must be stored in a dry and cool place; it should be kept away from moisture. Refrigeration or freezing should be avoided. Intake should be continued even if the patient is free from the symptoms. It could have adverse effects like infections and lower their resistance to the drug.

Who Should Avoid Taking Ayush 82?

The following categories of people should either avoid or check with their medical practitioner before taking Ayush 82:

  • Pregnant women should avoid the drug
  • Lactating mothers should discuss the risks with their physicians before taking them.
  • Patients should check for side effects if they are taking allopathic drugs, supplements, or vitamins
  • Patients with allergies should avoid consuming this drug

Ayush 82 can be considered an effective ayurvedic solution for the treatment of diabetes. However, patients must check the side effects before using it.

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FAQs on Ayush 82

Q.1 What is the function of the ayurvedic drug Ayush 82?

Ayush 82 is an anti-diabetic drug.

Q.2 What are the side effects of Ayush 82?

Dry skin, itchy skin, and fatigue are some of the side effects of Ayush 82.

Q.3 Who should avoid taking Ayush 82?

Pregnant women and lactating mothers should avoid taking Ayush 82.

Q.4 What are the primary components of Ayush 82?

Ayush 82 contains herbs that have healing properties.