Central Ammunition Depot [CAD] in Pulgaon

By : Neha Dhyani

Updated : Jun 1, 2022, 6:07

The Central Ammunition Depot [CAD] in Pulgaon is one of the 16 major ammunition depots spread across India. The depot area is a military-controlled zone where live ammunition and explosives are stored. Until a decade ago, the area was considered a minimal security risk. But all that changed after 1999-2000.

Security in the area was beefed up following the September 11 attacks in the USA in 2001, generally referred to as the 9/11 attacks. The attack on the Indian Parliament on December 13 2001, also contributed to the matter of enhanced security. So much so that all kinds of leisure activities in the vicinity of CAD were brought to a stop.

Why is it important to maintain security at the Central Ammunition Depot, Pulgaon? Read on to know in detail.

What is Central Ammunition Depot [CAD]?

The Central Ammunition Depot [CAD] is an establishment dedicated to the cause of ammunition storage in the country. It is located near Pulgaon in Wardha district in Maharashtra. This establishment assumes importance as it is the largest ammunition depot in the country and the second-largest one in Asia.

Generally referred to as the mother depot in the Indian Army, the Central Ammunition Depot is spread over 7000 acres.

Ammunition Stored in the Central Ammunition Depot, Pulgaon

The Central Ammunition Depot, Pulgaon stores all kinds of ammunition. These include shells, bullets, missiles, anti-tank mines, mortars, and rockets.

The depot receives explosives and ammunition from various ordnance factories in India and foreign suppliers.

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Significance of Central Ammunition Depot [CAD]

The ammunition supplies stored in Central Ammunition Depot, Pulgaon, are sent to the various Field Ammunition Depots (FADs) located across the country. The inventory maintained at this facility is based on the operational requirements of the FADs.

The FADs have to ensure that the logistical chain is maintained through Corps, battalions, and even at the frontline bunker-lever.

This means the Central Ammunition Depot bears the responsibility of providing ammunition to the entire Army. If this central depot doesn’t function properly for any reason, it can lead to a shortage of ammunition for the entire Army.

As such, this depot is of extreme importance.

Security Measures Maintained at the Central Ammunition Depot [CAD]

The Central Ammunition Depot has various security measures in place to prevent any untoward incident.

Some of the security measures at the CAD include the following -

  • 600 Defence Service Corps (DSC) personnel are posted at CAD
  • The facility has separate areas for administrative purposes and storage of ammunition
  • The technical area of the depot, where the ammunition is stored, provides access control through a Red Gate
  • The depot undergoes periodic safety audits based on a three-tier system
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Central Ammunition Depot [CAD] Key Facts

  • The Central Ammunition Depot [CAD] initially served as an inter-services organisation
  • It was used to store ammunition and explosives for the Air Force, the Navy, and the Army
  • In 2015, the Central Ammunition Depot, Pulgaon, was awarded the best Central Depot
  • The CAD received the Concentrating Solar Technology Excellence Award in 2016
  • A major fire broke out at the depot on May 31 2016.
  • The impact of this incident left 20 people dead, including two Army officers, and 19 people were injured

The Central Ammunition Depot Pulgaon plays a significant role in maintaining and storing ammunition required by the Indian Army. It is necessary to prevent any accident at this depot to ensure a smooth supply of arms and ammunition to the Army units posted across the country.

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FAQs on Central Ammunition Depot [CAD]

Q1. How many Central Ammunition Depot [CAD] are there in India?

The Central Ammunition Depot [CAD] Pulgaon is the only depot of its kind in the country.

Q2. Who controls the Central Ammunition Depot [CAD], Pulgaon?

The Central Ammunition Depot [CAD], Pulgaon, is under the direct control of the Army Headquarters in India.

Q3. How is the ammunition stored in the Central Ammunition Depot [CAD]?

The ammunition in the Central Ammunition Depot [CAD] is stored in more than 150 sheds.

Q4. How is the ammunition supplied from the Central Ammunition Depot [CAD] to the FADs?

The Central Ammunition Depot [CAD] supplies the ammunition to the FADs through road and rail networks.