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By N Shiva Guru|Updated : September 4th, 2017

CAT 2017 students want a place where they can access all the root words that they want. They don't want to be fed much on a daily basis. They expect like 6 roots and the associated words.

RootMeaningAssociated Words
anaup, back, against,
again, throughout
analysis - a close examination of something; anatomy - the structure of something as visible when cut up for analysis; anachronism - not being in the right place in time
andr/oman, maleandrogynous - being both male and female; android - resembling a human; misandry - hatred towards men
animlife, spiritanimal - a living organism; animate - to make alive; equanimity - of balanced spirit
ann/ennyearanniversary - a date observed once a year; annual - happening once a year; millennium - 1,000 years
antebefore, in frontantecede - to come before something in time; antemeridian - before noon; anteroom- a small room before the main room 
anth/oflowerchrysanthemum and amaranth - names of flowers; anthology - a collection of treasured writings; anthozoan - half plant, half animal, like anemones and corals.


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N Shiva Guru

N Shiva GuruFeb 15, 2017

@Skyp Rj it is helpful for everyone Sir.
N Shiva Guru

N Shiva GuruFeb 15, 2017

@Sneha haha ma'am, around 20-24 I said average, Mia culpa!
Dharmendra Yadav
Thanks gurujiiiiii🙏🙏🙏🙏
Rajkumar Verma
✌✌✌✌@Padmini  isi post ka intezaar tha🙏🙏🙏🙏

PadminiFeb 15, 2017

Ji mere clg ka exam chal raha hai ..A lil bit bz ..LL surely attempt those once I LL be free ..Keep sharing ..Thanks for your concern sir ..@Umesh Panwar
Soni Pandey

Soni PandeyFeb 15, 2017

@Padmini thanku so much...😊
Prashant Varshney
@Padmini thnx for sharing..🍕🍕 n  all the best for your exams 🏆🏆
Imhm Harsh

Imhm HarshSep 4, 2017

Thanks for sharing such great knowledge but i want the explanation of roots as given in the noman lewis book so it will be pretty easy to remember them...

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