CAT Verbal Ability 2017 | Breaking Story #11

By N Shiva Guru|Updated : January 24th, 2017

CAT 2017 Aspirants often like techniques to remember words from Vocabulary, rules from Grammar and the pattern of usage in general. There is, however, nothing that even comes close to seeing things in context. That is why we started off this piece: to have fun while you learn and put all your learning in context and in perspective. Not going into intricate details, we start off with today's piece to help CAT 2017 Students: Here we go...

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I just hate people doing things with fear lurking somewhere around the corner. I keep telling her that by his being wealthy and all, she might have a problem with his mother. Mothers traditionally wear their family’s status on their sleeves.  In this case, on their saris. Attention Deficiency is not only a condition of the mind, I am to learn. She never listens to a word I say. She’s like this daughter who wouldn’t listen to her dad because she knows he’s brash. I can’t leave her-I have nowhere to go. So, I watch her like a mute spectator, crumbling her own palace of happiness one step at a time with what she calls love. Again, it’s not lust I’m telling you.

You know these movies were so full of heroes and villains that whenever two men fight, you always have the idea that one of them is a villain. It’s my turn to realize that in a fight, both can be heroes. No, we’re not discussing two guys fighting over me though the thought amuses me, He He. Okay, now the fight was between my dad and my man on one side and his mom and me on the other side. This is traditional. But my brother (my mind) did the cutest thing that I feel like kissing him even now when I think of it.

Well, I think, we’re at a stage where I got to do something to make things alright. The relationship seems to be going from strength to strength but this fear seems only to be growing. It’s been six months of loving and fighting for her and sulking and sulking for me. I  am very scared because there’s always the utmost happiness before the worst depression. It was then that it struck me. I realized I’m a genius.

I wake up that morning and he smiles at me. This is strange. He never even talked to me for six months. I maintain my grumpiness though. At breakfast, I shout “ What do you want?” My mom is kind of shocked and fears something is happening to me. He doesn’t say a thing and he keeps smiling. Don’t worry I will take care of everything, he says.

Hi, this is her boyfriend. A brother like this is totally cool. You can see me stroking her mind. My God, he is a genius. He knew minds could communicate without fear. You can’t say the difference between a male and a female mind, you see. I understand that beneath all the kisses, the hugs and everything romantic there’s a mind you have to make peace with. Is this the first time such a thing happens, I ask her mind and he says God named this exchange Empathy.

Well, it’s us-both the minds, talking. For once what they say is right but I, ouch, okay we would like to put it differently. “Trusting someone for life can make you live; trusting no one helps you survive-you choose.” See your minds in Heaven- Be Good.

                                                       ---------------------------------End Of Story----------------------------------------------

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Preeti Rawat

Preeti RawatJan 24, 2017

Sir how to improve english  for cat ?  l m from hindi medium n two years back l have been graduated. Plz guide sir
Preeti Rawat

Preeti RawatJan 24, 2017

@  N Shiva Guru
Vijay Kumar

Vijay KumarJan 24, 2017

Iske questions kha h ?
Soonoo Bhanu

Soonoo BhanuJan 31, 2017

Sir can you give gk materials for mat exam

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