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By N Shiva Guru|Updated : February 28th, 2017

CAT Students want some prodding when it comes to the direction they would like to take once they crack the CAT exam. It is only fair to share as many resources as possible when it comes to Marketing, HR or any other sub-branch/specialization vis-a-vis the MBA programme. Here are today's snippets:

'Every Marketing guy is a big, fat liar!'

If you are a student of Marketing or a Marketer/Salesman, your visiting card would elicit a smirk at the very least. You can see your 'victim' slowly get their guard up. They start deflecting your questions into less 'dangerous' zones. They corner you into making a hardsell. Then they coerce you into giving they what they want at a price they would like to buy at.

Bottomline: You just lost your incentive 

And why? Because of a myth as old as Earth itself. Heck, even marketers cannot get over this presumption! Is this true? Is that all what Marketers have to say? Lies? Think of your favourite Marketing Campaign. Can you recall the brand? The ad? The punchline? The actors in the ad? Still think they are selling you lies? Or is there something beyond? Let's find out from a seasoned Marketer...

Marketers are Story Tellers, not liars

Now that we got one out of the way, let's talk about giving a commitment and sticking to it. 

Just saying it doesn't make it true

If you are one born in the late 80s or in the 90s you most likely identify yourself as a millenial. That being said, what is it that you want out of your job? Out of your boss? Out of your partner? Out of life in general? Is it all about money? Not anymore! You care about having your daily scoop of memorable experiences. That is exactly what this post talks about: 

Experience matters more than money

Why did La la Land get nominated for so many Oscars? Let us look beyond the brilliance of the set, of the actors and of the director. Well, it is definitely emotional appeal. You can't take romance out of the picture. That is why you have marketing blogs and campaigns talking about the same. Here is the post:  

Marketing and Emotional Appeal

Everybody is looking for a formula to crack the code on Social Media Marketing. That is why you have the following post:

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