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By Anjali Chowdhury|Updated : May 24th, 2022

Many candidates would be aiming for CAT 2022, some would be giving it for the first time and some would be retakers. This is the best time to start preparing for CAT 2022 as approximately 6 months are left for the CAT 2022 exam. Also, to avoid last minute pressure, one should get into ‘Prep Mode’ earlier enough to crack the exam. Starting earlier can never be harmful to those who really wish to ‘Bell the CAT’ exam in their first attempt. In fact, starting earlier gives you enough time to clear your basics and then get prepared for the advanced level.

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This is the perfect time to pull up your socks and start preparing for the upcoming challenge. Some people might be thinking about what is the need to start so early and on the other hand, there might be also some people who would have already started by now for the CAT 2022 exam.

If you start your preparations for CAT 2022 NOW, you will have roughly 6 months in hand in which you can very easily score 99+ percentile. Let us guide you with some tips and suggestions you must follow so that you get admission to the B-School of your dreams.

  1. Prepare a Plan – If you wish to crack CAT 2022 (or any other MBA entrance exam for that matter), you need to prepare a fool-proof plan that you follow thoroughly. If you start your preparations NOW for the exam to be held 6 months later, you will have enough time to plan your studies, you can devote a sufficient amount of time to each of the topics from which the questions will be asked in the exam.
  2. Follow Strict Routine – As per your plan, you must fix the time you want to devote to your serious preparations. To follow your plan, you must have seriousness, discipline, and passion. There is always a driving factor (need) that triggers you to get determined towards your goal.
  3. Have a Wider-Perspective This means you should not focus only on CAT 2022, instead you must focus on every other MBA entrance examination through which you may get admission to a good institute. As the syllabus for most of the MBA entrance examinations is almost similar, you must try others as well (unless you aim to get into IIMs only).
  4. Start from Basics– This is the time when you must start revising the basic concepts that you have studied in the 10th standard. Practice those concepts well enough, so that you take the least possible time to solve questions asked in CAT 2022.

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Is Coaching Necessary for the Preparation of CAT?

Well, the answer to this question depends on an individual. This exam consists of three sections - VARC (Verbal Ability and Reading comprehension), DILR (Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning), QA (Quantitative Ability). Maths syllabus is similar to what we have studied in the 6th standard to the 10th standard textbooks. If we take a look at the VARC section it involves basic Reading Comprehension and sentence structures in English. Lastly, the DILR section consists of Logical Reasoning and Data Interpretation questions. So, then why the exam is tough it’s because there are too many people fighting for the limited number of seats.

Now, coaching for CAT is a pathway for your target but is not at all mandatory. However, experts do suggest that CAT coaching is beneficial for the candidates to score well in the exam. CAT syllabus is not something that has to be spoon-fed it is because we are already aware of the syllabus. Therefore, just a proper planning and preparation strategy can help you crack this exam. Some candidates are unable to join any coaching classes because of high fees. However, as mentioned earlier it depends on the willingness of the individual to score well with a self-study plan or by joining any coaching.

Why is it Important to Practice CAT mocks?

CAT mocks help you to get a practical knowledge of all the concepts you have studied so far along with giving you the mental stability to sit for this long examination. Mocks ensure that with increasing pressure you don’t lose your accuracy in solving questions. If you can score well in CAT mocks nobody can stop you from getting into the best institutes.

CAT 2022 can throw surprises in terms of exam pattern as compared to 2020 & 2021 but maintaining the same difficulty level. So, All the Best!!

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  • No, the CAT syllabus does not change every year .However , the change in composition of topic wise questions cannot be ruled out.

  • No, GK is not a part of CAT testing.

  • Yes, each section in CAT is individually timed . You cannot move to other section till individual time of one section is over.

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