Which one of the following is the Tibetan National epic? (a) Buddha saga (b) Kesar saga (c) Sidha saga (d) Nirvana saga

By Ritesh|Updated : October 31st, 2022

Kesar saga is the Tibetan National epic. The Kesar Saga is a Tibetan and Central Asian epic cycle. It is connected to Kesar, a cultural figure, and his valiant acts. Oral poetry performances are typically recorded. The epic comes from the Himalayas.

Tibetan National Epic

  • A Tibetan epic from the eleventh century, the Kesar Saga poetry is about Kesar, the King of Ling.
  • Some people assert that Kesar was actually born in Kargil due to how deeply ingrained the tale is in the region's cultural fabric and how it came to serve as Tibet's national epic.
  • It is an old Tibetan epic that is told throughout the whole Tibetan belt, which stretches into China, Mongolia, and Central Asia.
  • The Kesar Saga has been passed down orally through the ages in its Ladakhi rendition, with the storyteller recounting the epic over the long, chilly winter evenings.
  • The plot centers on the exploits of the superhuman hero "Kesar" and his attempts to bring about world peace and order.
  • The Buddha Saga tells the tale of Lord Buddha from his conception to his enlightenment.


Which one of the following is the Tibetan National epic? (a) Buddha saga (b) Kesar saga (c) Sidha saga (d) Nirvana saga

The national epic of Tibet is the Kesar tale. A Tibetan and Central Asian epic cycle is known as the Kesar Saga. It has something to do with the heroic deeds of a cultural figure named Kesar. Most often, recordings of oral poetry readings are made. The Himalayas are where the epic is from.


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