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Wild goats and Snow leopards are found in ___

  • 1.Himalayan region
  • 2.Peninsular region
  • 3.Gir forests
  • 4.Tundra region
Correct Answer
Option 1:Himalayan region

Wild goats and snow leopards are found in the Himalayan region. The subspecies of the Siberian Ibex are found in the Himalayan area of India. The wild goat is known as the Himalayan Ibex.

Why Do Wild Goats and Snow Leopards Live in the Himalayan Ranges?

● The Karakoram, Hindukush, and Himalayan mountains are where you can find the Himalayan ibex most frequently. Due to the climatic conditions are according to them.

● The Jammu and Kashmir region is home to the huge wild goat species known as the markhor, which is listed as an endangered species.

● The Ladakh Urial is a rare wild goat found only in the Ladakh region of Jammu and Kashmir State, at the lowest elevations of the Himalayas.

Snow Leopards

In the hilly areas of central and southern Asia, snow leopards can be found.

Their geographic range in India includes:

● Himachal Pradesh and Jammu, and Kashmir are in the western Himalayas.

● Uttarakhand, Sikkim, and Arunachal Pradesh are located in the eastern Himalayas.

● Hemis, Ladakh, is the home of the world's snow leopards.

● The largest national park in India is Hemis, which also boasts a healthy population of snow leopards.


Wild goats and snow leopards are found in

Snow leopards and wild goats can be found in the Himalayan region. Himalayan Ibex is the wild goat found in the region. The reason behind this is the ideal climate condition.

Wild goats and Snow leopards are found in ___


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