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Who coined the slogan 'Quit India'?

  • 1.Mahatma Gandhi
  • 2.Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru
  • 3.Yusuf Meher Ali
  • 4.Aruna Asaf Ali
Correct Answer
Option 3:Yusuf Meher Ali

Yusuf Meher Ali coined the slogan Quit India. Yusuf Meher Ali, a socialist congressman and little-known hero of the Indian National struggle, came up with the famous "Quit India" slogan in 1942. The Congress Socialist Party, the Bombay Youth League, and the National Militia were all founded by him.

The slogan Quit India

  • He coined the slogan "Simon Go Back" in 1928 to denounce the all-British Simon Commission. appointed by the imperial administration to make suggestions for strengthening British rule in India,
  • He was an active member of the Quit India Movement and the underground movement.
  • After the arrest of the Congress leaders, Meherally was in charge of organizing his socialist comrades, including Rammanohar Lohia, Aruna Asaf Ali, and Achyut Patwardhan, and making sure they advanced the Leave India Movement while sheltering underground.

History of India

  • Indian socialist politician and liberation fighter Yusuf Meher Ali (23 September 1903 – 2 July 1950) was born in India. While he was detained in Yerawada Central Prison in 1942, he was chosen as the mayor of Bombay.
  • He was a key figure in a number of peasant and labor union movements and the creator of the National Militia, Bombay Youth League, and the Congress Socialist Party. He came up with the phrase "Simon Go Back"
  • Together with Mahatma Gandhi, he invented the phrase "leave India" and participated in the Quit India Movement, India's final national movement for independence from the British Empire. He was an active member of the underground movement and led the Quit India movement.


Who coined the slogan 'Quit India'?

The phrase "Quit India" was created by Yusuf Meher Ali. The iconic "Quit India" slogan was created in 1942 by Yusuf Mehethe r Ali, a socialist lawmaker and little-known hero of the Indian National movement. He formed the Bombay Youth League, the National Militia, and the Congress Socialist Party.

Who coined the slogan 'Quit India'?


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