Which one of the following is not a Viral disease? (A) COVID-19 (B) Typhoid (C) SARS (D) Foot and Mouth Disease.

By Raj Vimal|Updated : October 10th, 2022

Typhoid is not a Viral disease. The bacteria Salmonella typhi enters the small intestine by contaminated food and water and spreads to organs of the body via the blood, which is the cause of this prevalent bacterial disease. High temperature, weakness, stomach ache, constipation, and appetite loss are some of its signs. The Widal Test diagnoses typhoid.

Why Is Typhoid Not Viral Disease?  

Unlike Covid-19, Typhoid is not a viral illness. Covid-19 brought on by the Coronavirus. China's Wuhan experienced its initial epidemic. On January 30, 2020, Kerala, India, reported the first case. Typhoid is not a viral disease that spreads with the touch. Vaccination for Covid-19. Vaccines created in India include: 

(1) Covishield, which was created by the Serum Institute of India with Oxford University's assistance.

(2) Bharat Biotech created Covaxin. It is an indigenous vaccination in India.

Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS): It is a virus-based illness brought on by the SARS coronavirus, which spread swiftly in 2003. Cough, fever, sore throat, and breathing issues are a few of its symptoms. Medicine and Treatment are Antibiotics, High doses of steroids to reduce swelling in the Lungs and Oxygen & Breathing Support.

Foot and Mouth Disease: It affects livestock and is a serious, infectious viral disease. A transboundary animal disease, it seriously impairs livestock output and obstructs both regional and global trade in both animals and animal products. The illness was initially documented in the 16th century, and a virus was discovered to be the first animal pathogen. It is not acknowledged to be a zoonotic illness.


Which one of the following is not a Viral disease? (A) COVID-19 (B) Typhoid (C) SARS (D) Foot and Mouth Disease

Typhoid is not a virus-borne illness. Typhoid spread is way different from viral disease. The infected person can transmit the fever to the person in contact with them. COVID-19, SARS are communicable disease that can spread by touch also.


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