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Write a Rational Number between √2 and √3


    1.5 is the rational number that lies between √2 and √3. A rational number can be defined in Mathematics as any number that can be represented by p/q. where q ≠ 0. It can also be said that any fraction fits into the rational number category if the denominator and numerator are integers. The denominator is non-zero. When dividing a rational number (that is, a fraction), the result is in decimal form, with either trailing decimals or repeating decimals.

    We know that:

    ● √2 = 1.414

    ● √3 = 1.732

    ● 1.414 < 1.5 < 1.732

    ● 1.5 is the rational number between √2 and √3

    How do you find a rational number between two rational numbers?

    There are infinitely many rational numbers between two rational numbers. A rational number between two rational numbers can be easily found using two different methods. Now let's look at two different methods.

    Method 1:

    Find the equivalent fractions of a given rational number and find the rational numbers between them. These numbers must be the rational numbers you want.

    Method 2:

    Find the average of two given rational numbers. The mean must be the rational number you want. To find more rational numbers, repeat the same process with the old rational numbers and the newly acquired rational numbers.


    Write a rational number between √2 and √3

    The rational number between √2 and √3 is 1.5. In Maths, rational numbers are those which can be written in the form of a ratio i.e. p/q. It can be seen that the fractions will be called rational numbers if the numerator and denominator values are integers.

     Write a Rational Number between √2 and √3


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