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Question 1

One out of the following theories is not a theory of motivation. Identify that theory.

Question 2

Which of the following statement is true about Hull’s Drive Reduction theory?

Question 3

In what kind of games do infants involve themselves in?

Question 4

इनमें से कौन-सी छन्दशास्त्र की प्रथम पुस्तक है?

Question 5

अम्बर पनघट में डुबो रही ताराघट उषा नागरी’ में कौन-सा अलंकार है?

Question 6

"अशोक" शब्द में निम्न में से कौन-सा उपसर्ग होगा?

Question 7

Complete the following sentence with the most appropriate word :

Let us not confuse liberty ________ license.

Question 8

Which of the following word will pluralize the word, mosquito?

Question 9

Direction: Convert the speech of the given sentence:

He said that he had not bought a car.

Question 10

The denomination of a fraction is 1 more than double the numerator. On adding 2 to the numerator and subtracting 3 from the denominator, we obtain 1. Find the original fraction.

Question 11

If 2n+4 – 2n+2 = 3, then n is equal to :

Question 12

If x and y are non-zero real numbers then x2 + xy + y2.

Question 13

The first hour of business of the Lok Sabha is known as

Question 14

Which of the following are rich in mineral resources?

Question 15

Sheikh Salim Chisti Tomb is located in………….
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