UTET Syllabus 2022: Paper 1 & Paper 2 Syllabus, Download PDF

UTET Syllabus 2022: Paper 1 & Paper 2 Syllabus, Download PDF

ByAshish Kumar  |  Updated on: Jul 21, 2022
Get the detailed UTET Syllabus 2022 here. Also, Candidates can download the latest UTET Syllabus PDF. Check the subject-wise UTET Paper 1 syllabus and UTET Paper 2 syllabus here.

The Uttarakhand Board of Secondary Education (UBSE) has published the UTET syllabus 2022 for Paper 1 and Paper 2. Candidates who plan to take the forthcoming exam should be familiar with the comprehensive UTET syllabus. The UTET Paper 1 syllabus and UTET Paper 2 syllabus are different. Candidates can also download the UTET syllabus PDF through the direct link provided in this post. Check the detailed UTET syllabus 2022 listed below for each subject to gain a better understanding of the exam and to help you prepare to ace it with flying colors.

UTET Syllabus 2022

UTET syllabus 2022 for Paper 1 & 2 have been listed below. The Uttarakhand Teachers Eligibility Test examination will be conducted on 30th September 2022, thus you must start the revision. To help you prepare for the UTET Exam, we have compiled the complete UTET syllabus 2022 for you. UTET syllabus PDF in Hindi & UTET syllabus 2022 in English PDF are available. Candidates must study the UTET syllabus to plan their preparation for the exam.

Subject Wise UTET Syllabus 2022 for Paper 1 & 2

To prepare a strategic and systematic study plan, you must be well aware of the UTET syllabus 2022. The detailed subject-wise UTET syllabus 2022 has been laid down below for your quick and easy reference. UTET syllabus in Hindi PDF and UTET syllabus in English PDF is also available for download. Check the important topics asked in the UTET exam for all the subjects.

UTET Child Development Syllabus

The essential topics that are covered in child development are the Concept Of Development and Its Relationship With Learning, Influence Of Heredity & Environment, Principles Of The Development Of Children, Socialization Processes: Social World & Children (Parents, Teacher, Peers), Multi-Dimensional Intelligence, Kohlberg, Piaget, and Vygotsky: Constructs And Critical Perspectives, Concepts Of Child-Centered and Progressive Education, Construct Of Intelligence, How Children Think And Learn; How And Why Children 'Fail' To Achieve Success In School Performance and Understanding Of Teaching And Learning, Factors Imperative For Learning, Cognition And Emotions

UTET Language 1 Syllabus

The UTET syllabus for Language 1 covers the concepts of Framing Questions Including Wh-questions, Unseen Prose Passage, Comprehensive & Continuous Evaluation, Teaching Learning Materials, Principles of Teaching English and Development of Language Skills, Teaching Learning Materials

UTET Language 2 Syllabus

The UTET syllabus for Language 2 covers the concepts of Methods of Evaluation, Remedial Teaching, Principles of Teaching English, Unseen Poem, Basic knowledge of English Sounds and their Phonetic Transcription, Communicative Approach to English Language Teaching, Challenges of Teaching English, Unseen Prose Passage and Modal Auxiliaries, Idioms, Phrasal Verbs, and Literary Terms.

UTET Environment Studies Syllabus

Important topics in Environment Studies are Pollution, Natural Resources and Environment,  Scope & Relation to Science & Social Science, Basic Knowledge of Environmental Elements, Transport and Communication, Profession, Concept, Scope, The Significance of Environment Studies, Public Places and Institutions, Environment Education Learning Principles, Approaches to Presenting Concepts, Our culture and Civilisation, Matter and Energy, Personal Hygiene, Clothes and Habitats, Family and Living beings

UTET Mathematics Syllabus

Essential topics for mathematics are Nature of Mathematics/Logical Thinking, Error Analysis and Related Aspects of Learning and Teaching, Place of Mathematics in the Curriculum, Geometry, and Mensuration, Diagnostic and Remedial Teaching, Unitary Method, Indian Currency, Numbers, Fractions, Problems of Teaching, Evaluation Methods, Average, Community of Mathematics, Language of Mathematics, LCM and HCF, Mathematical Operations, Profit-Loss, and Simple Interest

UTET Science Syllabus

The topics that would be covered under science for Uttarakhand Teachers Eligibility Test (UTET) 2022 are Nature and Structure of Sciences, Animal Reproduction and Adolescence, Human Body and Health, Methods of Science Teaching, Problems, Heat, Microorganisms, Force and Motion, Chemical Substances, Evaluation, Innovation, Light and Sound, Living Being, Text Materials/Aids, Understanding the Science, Science, and Technology, Solar System, Natural Science, Remedial Teaching and Structure of Matter

UTET Social Studies Syllabus

The main concepts of Social Studies are Main Components of the Earth, Indian Civilisation, Culture and Society, Geography and Resources of India, History, and Culture of India, Mauryan & Gupta Empires and Post-Gupta Period, Government: Composite and Functions, Geography and Resources of Uttarakhand, Resources and Development, Indian Constitution and Democracy and The Medieval and Modern Period.

Also, check the UTET Eligibility Criteria 2022 here.

Preparation Tips for UTET Syllabus

After getting accomplished with the detailed UTET syllabus, it is of equitable importance to work in the right direction and prepare with an accurate strategy. This is the right time to plan your UTET preparation strategy to get better outcomes. Check out the UTET Preparation Tips shared by the experts.

  • Familiarize yourself with the UTET syllabus 2022 as well as the exam pattern.
  • Concentrate on the strengths and weaknesses. Work hard to improve your weaknesses and hone your strengths.
  • It is critical to target accuracy within the time frameset. To achieve this, you'll need a lot of practice.
  • Focus on the topics to get through the exam's stages. Download the UTET syllabus in PDF format and practice the conceptual questions from previous years' examinations.

Best Books to Cover UTET Syllabus

To ensure that candidates perform well on the exam, picking the right UTET reference materials is crucial. There are numerous publications accessible for each UTET exam section. You can choose any of these books to start your exam preparation. The books listed below are some of the best UTET Books available for completing the UTET syllabus, as per expert recommendations.


UTET Books


Quantitative Aptitude by RS Aggarwal

NCERT Books 

Mathematics by Om Prakash and Ravikant Aggarwal



Previous years papers

Question banks for TET by Arihant publication

Social Science

NCERT book

Question bank for TET by Arihant Publication


Wren and Martin 



General Hindi by Omkaar Nath Verma

Environmental Studies

Lucent’s General Knowledge

Also, with increasing competition, it is the need of the hour to enhance your performance to ace the UTET exam. The UTET Test Series gives you a real-time exam experience which is another key feature to enhance your performance.

UTET Syllabus FAQs

  • Uttrakhand Board of Secondary Education (UBSE) has notified the UTET syllabus 2022 for Paper 1 and Paper 2 of the UTET exam. The entirety of the exam's syllabus is divided into two papers. We carefully reviewed the UTET Paper 1 and Paper 2 syllabus. The UTET syllabus should be read by candidates before they begin their preparation. Students will benefit from this in correctly planning their study strategies.

  • No, the syllabus is the same as last year. This page contains the most recent UTET syllabus for all interested applicants. The Uttrakhand Board of Secondary Education will issue an official announcement if the UTET syllabus changes.

  • The Uttrakhand Board of Secondary Education for Teaching Positions sets the UTET syllabus. The UTET syllabus is made available by the Uttrakhand Board of Secondary Education along with the official notification.

  • The UTET exam is administered by the Uttrakhand Board of Secondary Education to choose Paper 1 and Paper 2 teachers. UTET Paper 1 is used to select instructors for classes 1st through 5th (primary teachers), whereas Paper 2 is used to select teachers for classes 6th through 8th (upper primary courses). The difficulty of these levels varies, despite the practically identical topics addressed in each paper.

  • You can finish the UTET syllabus 2022 in three months if you study well and shrewdly. You can practice and hone your talents if you have a conceptual grasp of the subject. Make sure you take plenty of UTET mock tests over three months so you can learn how to correctly respond to all types of questions.

  • After reading the comprehensive UTET syllabus 2022, it is equally necessary to work in the right direction and prepare with accuracy. Pay attention to the advantages and disadvantages. Make a concerted effort to improve your strengths and address your flaws. Download the UTET syllabus in PDF format, then practice the conceptual questions from prior tests to get ready for the exam.

  • For future use, candidates can access the UTET syllabus 2022 pdf download link from this page. The UTET syllabus is broken down into subjects and is available for download in pdf format. By clicking the link provided above, you can get the UTET syllabus pdf for 2022.

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