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SSC JE 2019-20: Soil Mechanics Quiz 6

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Question 1

In a typical deposit of submerged soil, the approximate depth at which the inter-granular pressure is equal to 50 KN/m2 is (γsat = 20 KN/m3)

Question 2

The pore water pressure in the soil sample of consolidometer test is ____________.

Question 3

Which of the following statement is false?

Question 4

For a soil sample, percentage air void is 20% and water content is 40% take specific gravity of solids as 2.7. What will be the dry unit weight for this soil sample?

Question 5

A granular soil deposit 8 m deep is resting over impervious layer. GWT is 4 m above the ground level. If GWT rises 5 m due to heavy rainfall, then what will be the change in effective stress at 4 m below ground level.

Given : e = 0.6, G = 2.65

Question 6

A 2m × 2m footing exists at a depth of 1m below ground level in sandy soil. Calculate the increase in effective stress at 3m below the footing if the load on the column is 2000 kN. Assume 2:1 load distribution.

Question 7

Effective stress at a point in a soil layer will increase due to:

Question 8

What will be the maximum capillary tension for a tube of 0.15 mm in diameter at 20°C

Question 9

Approximate ratio of capillary rise in two soils of same void ratio having their effective sizes as 0.2 m and 0.1 mm respectively will be?

Assume the value of C for the soils as 1 cm2 and 0.8 cm2 respectively.

Question 10

In a silt deposit, the water table which was originally at a depth of 2 m was lowered to a depth of 4 .5 m by pumping. What is the change in effective pressure at a depth of 4 .5 m? Assume 100% capillary saturation upto ground surface in both cases.
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