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SSC JE 2019-20: Soil Mechanics Quiz 2

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Question 1

If liquid limit of a soil sample is 40 %, plastic limit is 15 % and natural moisture content of the sample is 32 %. The relative consistency of the sample will be?

Question 2

Pick up the correct statement from the following

Question 3

The ratio of the difference between the void ratio of the soil in its loosest state and its natural void ratio (e) to the difference the void ratios in the loosest and fully dense state, is generally termed as _______.

Question 4

A soil sample has void ratio 0.82. The specific gravity of solids is 2.65. If the soil is 50% saturated, what is the water content of the soil?

Question 5

Given for a sample of river sand:

Void ratio at the densest state = 0.35

Void ratio at loosest stage = 1.1

Which one of the following correctly represents the relative density of the sample prepared with a void ratio of 1.0?

Question 6

A fully saturated soil has a water content of 200%
If G=2.6, the void ratio is

Question 7

Sand particles are made of

Question 8

The void ratio of a soil sample having a porosity of 0.32 and a moisture content of 25% will be ______.

Question 9

The void ratio of a soil sample is given by 0.58. What is the porosity of soil sample?

Question 10

The unit weight of a completely saturated soil is given by
G = Specific gravity of solids
Description: E:\Gate\SSC JE Civil Part 1\Practice-Set-10_files\image024.png Void ratio
Description: E:\Gate\SSC JE Civil Part 1\Practice-Set-10_files\image025.png Unit weight of water
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