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SSC JE 2019-20: Soil Mechanics Quiz 1 (App update required to attempt this test)

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Question 1

For the classification of a soil to be in semi-solid state, the Relative consistency and the Liquidity Index should be

Question 2

A 588 cm3 volume of moist sand weighs 1010 gm. Its dry weight is 918 gm and specific gravity of solids, G is 2.67. Assuming density of water as 1 gm/cm3, the void ratio is __________.

Question 3

A certain soil has the following properties: Gs=2.71, n=40% and w=20%. The degree of saturation of soil (rounded off to the nearest percent) is _____

Question 4

An undisturbed sample of soil has volume of 350 cc and weighs 490 g. After oven drying, its weight reduced to 450 g. Determine the water content (%) and & degree of saturation (s). Assume G = 2.7.

Question 5

A laboratory test report gave the following results of 3 samples (three phase soil) taken from a single boring. They are as follows.

i. Water content = 20%, Ɣd = 17.5 kN/m3, Ɣs = 26 kN/m3, Silt

ii. Water content = 17%, Ɣd = 16 kN/m3, Ɣs = 24 kN/m3, Sand

iii. Water content = 34%, Ɣd = 14 kN/m3, Ɣs = 28 kN/m3, Clay

Choose the incorrect sample(s).

Question 6

A moist soil sample is with an in-site void ratio of 1.57 and water content of 55%. What is the moist unit weight and the air content? Take Gs = 2.70

Question 7

Match List I and List II

Question 8

Consider the following statements:
1). Mica is a clay mineral
2). Rock dust particles, even of clay size are non-plastic.
3). A particles of Kaolinite is electrically charged.
Which of these statements are correct?

Question 9

Using the Plasticity chart, for a low compressible soil sample with a liquid limit of 32% and Plastic limit of 25% will read the plasticity Index value (in %) as

Question 10

The Comparison of the surface area of the clay particles is given in following relationship. Choose the correct one.
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