What is Home Proctored Mode? How to Give SLAT 2021 Exam Online

By Gaurav Mohanty|Updated : May 28th, 2021

The Symbiosis Law Admission Test is conducted by the Symbiosis International every year for admission to their five year integrated courses which are BA LLB and BBA LLB. There are four law schools under SIU where these Law courses are offered. They are Symbiosis Law School (SLS) Pune, SLS Noida, SLS Hyderabad and SLS Nagpur (new campus).

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The Symbiosis Law Admission Test is conducted by the Symbiosis International every year for admission to their five year integrated courses which are BA LLB and BBA LLB. There are four law schools under SIU where these Law courses are offered. They are Symbiosis Law School (SLS) Pune, SLS Noida, SLS Hyderabad and SLS Nagpur (new campus).

The SLAT 2021 exam date was scheduled on 27th June but due to COVID-19, there will be revised examination dates which will be officially announced by Symbiosis International University. This year the SLAT 2021 will be held in Home Proctored mode instead of a centre-based online test.

What is Home Proctored Mode?

The Proctored exams are the timed exams in which the Proctoring software monitors your Desktop/ Laptop, Audio and Webcam Video. As the SLAT exam is going to be conducted in Home Proctored Mode, candidates need to have a proper desktop/ laptop and network connectivity in their home. Below mentioned are some important points that candidates need while appearing for the exam.

  • Mobile phones or any other material are not allowed during the exam. If the same is observed, then it will be considered as malpractice.
  • Make sure the webcam and mic of your Laptop/Desktop PC are functional.
  • Students should use a plain background.
  • There should be availability of proper internet connectivity on your Laptop/Desktop PC.
  • Ensure proper lighting in the room and the room must be as quiet as possible.
  • During the exam students should remain alone in the room.
  • Do not try to navigate from the exam window as your exam screen window will be proctored for the entire exam. If any suspicious activity is observed during the exam, the exam will stand cancelled.

How to Give SLAT Exam in Home Proctored Mode

In Home Proctored mode, aspirants can appear the exam from the safe and secure environment of their home, with a desktop/laptop having a webcam and an internet connection. Candidates are expected to appear the test honestly and ethically as Artificial Intelligence as well as Human proctored are used as invigilators for the exam. During the exam if any unethical practice is found then legal proceedings against such candidates will be taken and they will get disqualified from further admission process.

Rules for Home Proctored Test 2021

Below mentioned are the rules and instructions that students should look after while appearing for the exam.

  • Candidates are not allowed to open any other application window during the test.
  • The candidates are strictly advised not to leave their seat during the exam as they will be supervised by AI as we as a Human proctor.
  • There will be no Bio Breaks permitted during the exam
  • Candidates are allowed to use a plain paper and a pencil only for rough works. No calculators are allowed during the exam. 
  • Candidates are not allowed to disturb the position of the camera.  If they do so, the test will be auto submitted and will not be available for the candidate afterward.
  • Candidates should be facing the screen and webcam of their desktop/ laptop throughout the exam.
  • During the exam candidates should be in formals or smart casuals.
  • Students should be sitting alone while appearing for the test.  
  • The IT infrastructure should be fulfilled by the candidates in order to appear for SLAT 2021.

Latest SLAT Exam Pattern

The SLAT exam pattern has some changes made by the exam conducting body. The exam time and the number of questions has been reduced whereas the number of sections remains the same. The questions will be based on Reading comprehension, General knowledge, Analytical reasoning, Logical reasoning and Legal reasoning. Below mention table is the revised SLAT Exam Pattern


Revised Exam Pattern

SLAT exam mode

Online Home Proctored mode

Exam type

MCQ based

Total number of questions



60 minutes + 30 minutes for WAT( Written Ability Test)

Negative marking


Challenges of Home Proctored Test

  • Internet Connectivity: - A proper Internet connectivity is very important for appearing for the exam. Candidates will face challenges while appearing for the exam if they are having internet connectivity problems. So it is very essential to have a proper internet connection to appear for the exam. (5Mbps un-interrupted internet speed is required)
  • Communication with exam candidates: - Candidates may face problems if they come across any doubts in the question paper. They will not be under supervision and just like last year in hindsight the board will feel that the proctored test is not the solution to Lockdown & Safety.
  • Online Exam Security: - It will be unfair if any other person appears on the test on behalf of the students. The examination body needs to take extra caution and set proper authorization and authentication processes to secure the exam from any case of malpractice.

Benefits of Home Proctored Test  

  • Exam’s Agility: - The Home Proctored exam will be conducted without wasting time on any time-consuming process and involvement of many steps and people. Which in result will reduce the involvement of invigilators during the exam and the candidates from remote locations can also appear the exam.
  • Exams, Results & Evaluation will be Delivered Fast: - As the exam is conducted on online mode the exam questions, results and evaluation will be delivered as fast as possible. The software can evaluate the answers automatically in case of objective type as well as subjective type questions and declares the result as soon as possible.
  • Cost-effective: - The exam conducting body only needs to invest money for securing the server and to have the examination proctoring software. So the students can appear the exam without travelling to the exam centres. 


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