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NPCIL EE 2016 Exam : Mock Test 6

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Question 1

The dynamic transfer characteristics of a transistor is represented by

Where A1 and A2 are constants. If input signal the output will contain

Question 2

Which one of the following statements is correct in respect of BJT?

Question 3

Which of the following notations have two representations of zero?
1) 1's complement with radix of number being 2
2) 7's complement with radix of number being 8
3) 9's complement with radix of number being 10
4) 10's complement with radix of number being 10
Select the correct answer using the codes given below :

Question 4

Assertion (A) : The DAC (Digital Analog Converter) cannot be interfaced to microprocessor in an interrupt driven mode.
Reason (R) : DAC neither needs a start convert pulse nor it has indication of conversion.

Question 5

If two signals modulated the same carrier with different modulation depths of 0.3 and 0.9 the resulting modulation signal will

Question 6

A DSB-SC signal is generated using the carrier signal cos and modulating signal m(t). what is the envelope detector output of this DSB-SC signal?

Question 7

Consider the unity feedback system with
The system is marginally stable. What is the radian frequency of oscillation?

Question 8

The effects of feedback on stability and sensitivity are.

Question 9

The open-loop transfer function of a unity feedback control system is

The closed-loop transfer function will have poles at

Question 10

If the 12Ω resistor draws a current of 1A as shown in the figure, the value of resistance R is

Question 11

Choose the right answer from the following options. Nodal Analysis used ................. at the same time?

Question 12

For maximum power transfer between two cascaded sections of an electrical network, the relationship between the output impedance Z1 of the first section to the input impedance Z2 of the second section is

Question 13

In a 3 phase delta connected system total power consumed is 400 kW. what will be the power consumed if it is converted into star connected?

Question 14

A 50 kW d.c. shunt motor is loaded to draw rated armature current at any given speed. When driven (i) at half the rated speed by armature voltage control and (ii) at 1.5 times the rated speed by field control, what are the approximate output powers delivered by the motor?

Question 15

When does a synchronous motor operate with leading power factor current?

Question 16

Which of the following conditions are to be satisfied for proper synchronization of alternators?
1) Equal terminal voltage
2) Same frequency
3) Same phase sequence
4) Same kVA rating
5) Same phase displacement
Select the correct answer using the code given below:

Question 17

How is the attenuation factor in parallel plate guides represented ?

Question 18

If the load impedance is 100 ohm and input impedance is 25 ohm, then the characteristic impedance of the transmission line is

Question 19

The electric field lines and equipotential lines

Question 20

In 8085, the DAA instruction is used for

Question 21

The contents of Program Counter (PC), when the microproicessor is reading from 2FFF H memory location will be

Question 22

If a full wave fully controlled converter is modified as a full wave half controlled converter, what will be the maximum value of active power (P) and the maximum value of reactive power demand (Q)?

Question 23

Power electronic device with poor turn-off gain is

Question 24

Turn-ON of a Thyristor takes place when

Question 25

The main objective of load frequency controller is to apply control of

Question 26

A power system consists of 300 buses out of which 20 buses are generator buses, 25 buses are the ones with reactive power support and 15 buses are the ones with fixed shunt capacitors. All the other buses are load buses. It is proposed to perform a load flow analysis for the system using Newton–Raphson method. The size of the Newton–Raphson Jacobian matrix is

Question 27

Incremental fuel costs (in some appropriate unit) for a power plant consisting of three generating units are

where P1 is the power in MW generated by unit i, for i = 1,2 and 3. Assume that all the three units are operating all the time. Minimum and maximum loads on each unit are 50 MW and 300 MW respectively. If the plant is operating on economic load dispatch to supply the total power demand of 700 MW, the power generated by each unit is

Question 28

Which relay is used to detect and protect internal faults of a transformer?

Question 29

Which one of the following is a frequency sensitive bridge?

Question 30

What is clamp-on ammeter used for?
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