MH CET Law Memory Based Questions Answer 2020: Maths & GK Paper 11th October (Shift 1)

By Neeraj Mishra|Updated : October 11th, 2020

MH CET Law Memory Based Questions Answer 2020: The MH CET Law 5-year entrance exam for 5-year LL.B was held on 11th October across the country. As per the analysis and review shared by the students the level of the exam was moderate. The MH CET (5 Year B.A. LLB) 2020 is conducted in a Computer Based Test (CBT). The level and pattern of the MH CET Law 5-year entrance exam 2020 were same as it appeared in 2019. In this article, we are sharing Memory based questions which were asked in the First shift of MH CET Law 5-year entrance exam held on 11th October from 9.00 AM to 11.00 AM. Check all the MH CET Law questions asked in the exam along with insights about kinds of questions asked and difficulty level.

MH CET Law (5 Yr) Exam 2020 Difficulty Level

SectionsDifficulty Level 
English Easy 
Mathematical Aptitude Easy than last year
Logical and Analytical Reasoning Difficult 
Legal Aptitude and Legal Reasoning Moderate 
General Knowledge with Current Affairs Moderate
Overall  Moderate

MH CET Law 5-year GK & Current Affairs Memory Based Questions

1. Where is the headquarter of the Zoological Survey of India - Kolkata

2. The Second Battle of Panipat was fought between Hem Chandra Vikramaditya and?  Akbar.

3. Who won the first Prof. P.C. Mahalanobis National Award in Official Statistics 2020? C Rangarajan (former RBI Governor)

4. In 2019, cleanest temple in the country under the Swachh Bharat mission? Somnath temple (Gujarat)

5. Who is the Chairman of SBI? Rajnish Kumar

6. Central Govt in Feb 2020, renamed which Defence institute in the name of Manohar Parikkar - Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses (IDSA)

7. A great river rises near Mansarovar in Tibet and flows through India, thereafter through Pakistan and finally falls in the Arabian Sea near Karachi: Indus

8. In order to improve learning outcome and prepare students for the jobs of the future in India, the World Bank sanctioned a loan under STARS project: USD 500 Million.

9. To whom was the international Gandhi award for leprosy awarded in 2020 under Indian nomination individual category- Dr. N S Dharmashaktu.

10. The largest lake in Mizoram, but situated in Myanmar as per the common saying: Rih Dil

11. Crystal Award presented at World Economic Forum meeting in Davos Switzerland to which Bollywood Actress: Dipika Padukone

12. BRICS Young Innovator Prize in 2019 to Indian PhD Scholar: Ravi Prakash

13. Which South African country has elected Indian Origin Chandrikapersad Chan Santokhi as 9th President: Suriname

14. Under PMEGP, what per cent of subsidy for project up to 25lacs in manufacturing sector located in rural area under special category beneficiaries: 25%.

15. Election Commission offers online voter registration who have attained the age of 18 years on the qualifying date of the year of revision of electoral Roll: as on 1st January of the year.

16. Infosys prize to researchers and scientists in how many categories: Six

17. Nelson Mandela International Day: 18th July

18. India’s Track and field legend PT Usha was conferred with the Prestigious: IAAF Veteran Pin award 2019.

19. OBC Bank and UBI bank merged into - PNB

20. Ruler of Pratihara Dynasty who built the city of Bhojpal i.e. Bhopal: Mihir Bhoja

21. Khajuraho Group of temples is dedicated to two religions, Hinduism and __. Jainism

22. Founder and first emperor of the Mughal Dynasty in Indian Subcontinent- Babur

23. According to RBI, NBFCs is registered under---Companies Act 2013

24. Assam enjoys a global monopoly in terms of which silk----Muga Silk

25. Which Bollywood actor conferred honorary degree, Doctor of Letters by LA TROBE University, Australia-----Shahrukh Khan

26. As per Article 64 and Article 89(1), who shall be ex-officio chairman of Council of States----Vice-President

27. Secretary-General of Rajya Sabha is chosen and appointed by----Rajya Sabha Chairman/Vice-President

28. As per monetary policy statement 2020-21, released on May 22, 2020, LAF was changed to—4%.

29. Total number of Lok sabha Constituency in Meghalaya—2

30. The Indus plain region in India comprises the plain of Punjab, western Rajasthan and Northern---Himachal Pradesh.

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MH CET Law 5-year Mathematics Aptitude Memory Based Questions

1. There are two-person Ravi and Kishan. Distance between them is 300 m and both start towards each other and meet at point P. The velocity of Ravi is 3 m/s and the velocity of Kishan is 2 m/s. Find the respective ratio of distance covered by both to reach at point P.

Ans - 3:2

For Qs (2-4) Set theory

A total number of students in a class is 50 in which  80% of students appeared in exam A or B or both. Rest did not appear in any of the exams. 45% of the total students who attempted the exam appeared in only exam A. In both exams, A & B appeared 10% of total students who have appeared in exam B.

Qs2 -  Number of students appeared for both the exams A & B is what % of the total number of the students in the class (who appeared + who did not appear)? Ans - 4%

Qs3 - Difference between the number of students who did not appear in any exam and who has appeared in only exam B.

Ans: 10

Qs4 - Respective ratio between no. of students appeared for only A exam and only B exam. 

Ans: 9:10

Qs5 - Rupees X is divided into A, B and C. Ratio is given A:B = 5:6, A:C = 3:2. If A receives Rs. 840 rupees then find the value of x?  

Ans: 2408

Qs6 - Ram invested in scheme A with an amount of Rs. 15,000  for  2 years with a rate of interest of 10 % per annum. After 2 years he re-invested the amount gained in the form of simple interest in another scheme B. In scheme B, he invested for a year with a rate of simple interest 5 % per annum. Find the amount earned from scheme B after one year for Ram.

Ans: Rs. 3300

Qs7.  There are two-person Ramesh and Suresh. Ramesh completed work in 8 days and Suresh completed the work in 12 days. They both started together but after 3 days, Ramesh left the work and the remaining work was completed by Suresh alone. Find the total work completed in how many days.

Ans: 7 ½ days

Qs8. In a rectangle, the ratio of length and breadth is 5:3 and the area is 135 cm square. Now Length is increased by 20% more but breadth remains constant. Find the area of the new rectangle?

Ans: 162 cm^2

Qs9. A shopkeeper marked 30% price above the cost price and given the discount of 20%. The total gain is Rs. 22. Find the marked price?  

Ans: Rs. 715

Qs10.  In a class out of the total number of students, 55% passed in Maths exam. The difference between passing and failing in the Maths exam is 4. Find the total number of students in the class.

Ans 40


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