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Question 1

A set of observations have been made for the elevation and temperature for a place as tabulated below

Considering the dry atmospheric condition, the lapse ratee can be

Question 2

A suspension of sand like particles in water with particles of diameter 0.10 mm and below is flowing into a settling tank at 0.10 m3/s. Assume g=9.81 m/s2, specific gravity of particles=2.65, and kinematic vescosity of water=1.0105x10-2 cm2/s. The minimum surface area (in m2) required for this settling tank to remove particles of size 0.06 mm and above with 100% efficiency is_________

Question 3

The specific gravities and weight proportion for aggregate and bitumen are as under for the preparation of Marshall mix design.

The volume and weight of one Marshall specimen was found to be 480 cc and 1100 gm. Assuming absorption of bitumen in aggregate as zero, the percentage of air voids (Vv) is ______.

Question 4

Which one of the following figures are equal to one acre?
1) 43560 sq.ft
2) 40 gunthas
3) 10 sq. gunters chain
4) 4850 sq. yard
Select the correct answer using codes given below:

Question 5

A rectangular sedimentation tank is designed for a surface overflow rate (surface overloading) of 400 litre/hour/m2. The percentage of the suspended particles of diameter 0.01 mm that will be removed in the tank is ___________.
[Take kinematic viscosity of water = 1 mm2/sec and specific gravity of particle = 2.65]

Question 6

40 gm of CO2 and 50 gm of CH4 are produced from the composition of municipal waste with formula weight of 200 gm. What is the average per capita greenhouse gas production( in gm) in city of 12,00,000 population with 500gm/capita/day municipal waste generation.

Question 7

The population of a city is 20000 with an average water demand of 150 lpcd. Calculate the area required (m2) of rapid sand filter system for the treatment of water. Daily 4% of filtered water is required for backwashing and it is being done for a duration of 30 minute. Given the Rate of filtration is 6000 Litre/hr/m2.

Question 8

250 cumecs of sewage of Varanasi city containing no dissolved oxygen (DO) is discharged into the Ganga river which is fully saturated with oxygen and flowing at a rate of 2000 cumecs with a minimum velocity of 0.15 m/sec. The 5 day BOD of sewage is 350 mg/litre. The value of critical Do (in mg/l) deficit is
[Assume coefficient of purification of river is 3.0, coefficient of deoxygenation is 0.12, the ultimate BOD is 150% of the 5 day BOD and sarurated DO of river is 12 mg/litre]

Question 9

The stadia readings with horizontal sight on a vertical staff held 50 m from a tacheometer were 1.275 and 1.790 m. The distance between the object glass and the vertical axis of the tacheometer was 15 cm and the focal length of the object glass was 25 cm. The stadia interval is ________mm.

Question 10

The magnetic declination at a place, if the magnetic bearing of the sun at noon is 351 °20', is

Question 11

Calculate the length of valley curve in meter made by descending grade of 1/40 and ascending grade of 1/20. Design speed of 70 kmph . Reaction time of driver is 2.3 seconds and coefficient of friction is 0.355 . Beam angle is 0.95, height of driver’s eye is 0.85 m and rate of change of centrifugal acceleration is 0.57 m/s3.

Question 12

A student riding a bicycle on a 8 km one way street takes 50 minutes to reach home. The students stopped for 15 minutes. 65 vehicles overtook the student during the ride and 60 vehicles overtook the students while the student stopped. Assume the no. of vehicles overtaken by the student is zero. The speed of vehicles stream on the road (in km/hr) is ________.
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