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GATE CE 2022: Soil Mechanics & Foundation Engineering - Subject Revision Quiz

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Question 1

A clay sample has a void ratio 0.50 in dry state and specific gravity of solids is 2 .7 then its shrinkage limit is (in %)

Question 2

A loose uniform sand with rounded grains has effective grain size of 0.06 cm. Coefficient of permeability of the sand is

Question 3

The void ratio of the soil A is twice that of another soil B, while the effective size of the soil A is one third of the soil B. The ratio of height of capillary rise of water in soil A to that in soil B will be

Question 4

Pick up the incorrect statement from following.

Question 5

A falling head test was performed on a soil specimen having a diameter of 100 mm and height of 120 mm. The standpipe had a diameter of 12 mm and the water level in it dropped from 550 to 410 mm in 2 h. Determine the time in hours required for the water level in the standpipe to come to 200 mm.

Question 6

For the below soil sample, the size of aggregates vary linearly and it is found that particles finer than 75 micron are non-plastic. Find the value of coefficient of curvature

Question 7

A 5 m high smooth retaining wall with vertical face retains a cohesive backfill having unconfined compressive strength of 30 kN/m2, ϒ = 18 kN/m3 and φu = Calculate the total active earth pressure in kN/m, assuming the tension crack has fully developed.

Question 8

A 5m high vertical earth retaining wall retains a dry granular backfill with angle of internal friction as 33 and unit weight is 20 kN/m3. Calculate the pressure at depth 3m from base in kN/m2.

Question 9

In a laboratory condition test, a 4 cm thick sample of clay reached 65% consolidation in 24 minutes under double drainage condition. When a 6 m thick layer of the soil is overlain by a sand layer and underlain by a deep layer of intact shale then the time required for 65% consolidation of layer of soil is

Question 10

Consider the following statements:

1) Organic matter decreases the permeability of a soil.

2) At the same void ratio, desiccated clay is stronger than saturated clay.

3) Effective stress in a sand layer below a lake with standing water does not alter as the water level fluctuates.

Which of these statements are correct?

Question 11

A canal is proposed to be made in a soil having cohesion of 30 kN/m2,  = 0 and void ratio of 0.86 and specific gravity of 2.67. If there is a sudden drawdown of water in the canal then find the maximum depth (in m) for cutting of side slope of 1:1. The factor of safety is to be 1.5. Take stability number = 0.119.

Question 12

A pile group of 9 piles each of 500 mm diameter are used for a column foundation @ 1.5m c/c in uniform clay of 10 m depth, underlain by rock. The depth of pile extends to 8 m below the surface. The average unconfined compressive strength of clay is 100 kN/m2. Piles are arranged in a square pattern. Taking a FOS = 3, find the allowable load (in KN) on pile group. Take α = 0.45.

Question 13

Find out the ratio of coefficient of passive and active earth pressure of a backfill. When the movement of wall under the earth pressure from the backfill was prevented the coefficient of earth pressure was recorded as 0.5.

Question 14

Determine the width of strip footing to carry a load of 750 kN/m at a depth of 1.6 m in a c-φ soil having unit weight of 18 kN/m2 and c = 20 kN/m2, φ=25 . Take FOS = 3 and for φ=25. (Assume general shear failure)

Nc = 25.1, Nq = 12.7 and Nϒ = 9.7

Question 15

On the surface of a thick layered clay soil deposit, a point load of 750 kN is applied at a depth of 3.5m and a radial distance of 1.2m from the point of application of load. What is the value of the vertical stress using the Boussinesq’s elastic analysis?
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