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GATE CE 2022: Soil Mechanics & Foundation Engineering#6

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Question 1

A soil has discharge velocity of m/s and a void ratio of 0.60. Its seepage velocity will be____x 10-7 m/s

Question 2

What are the essentials required to draw a flow net?

Question 3

An earth dam has conductivity kx = 4.5×10-8 m/s and ky = 1.6×10-8 m/s in the vertical and horizontal directions as respectively. Determine the quantity of seepage per unit length through the dam.
Given  that 
No. of flow channels = 4
No. of equipotential drops = 18
Head loss = 18 m

Question 4

A foundation trench is to be excavated in a stratum of stiff clay, 8m thick, underlain by a bed of sand. The groundwater table is present at a depth of 2m below the ground surface. The specific gravity of clay particles is 2.72 and void ratio of 0.72. If excavation is to be carried out safely to a depth of 6m, how much should the water table be lowered (in m) in the vicinity of the trench?

Question 5

Water is flowing at a steady rate through a homogeneous and saturated horizontal soil strip of 10 m length. The strip is being subjected to a constant water head(H) of 5 m at the beginning and 1 m at the end. If the governing equation of flow in the soil strip is (where x is the distance along the soil strip), the value of H (in m) at the middle of the strip is ________

Question 6

An unit volume of a mass of saturated soil is subjected to horizontal seepage. The saturated unit weight is 22 kN/m3 and the hydraulic gradient is 0.3. The resultant body force on the soil mass is
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