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GATE CE 2022: Environmental Engineering - Subject Revision Quiz

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Question 1

Elevation and temperature data for places are tabulated below;

Based on data, lapse rate can be referred as

Question 2

Which is the major pollutant present in the photochemical smog?

Question 3

Suppose that 1-L graduated cylinder in the figure as shown below contains a sludge of 1 percent solids. Now suppose that all of the solids are allowed to settle and that the liquid is decanted until the total volume is 500 ml. The new solid fraction is

Question 4

In a wastewater treatment plant, primary sedimentation tank (PST) designed at an overflow rate of 32.5 m3/day/m2 is 32.5 m long, 8 m wide and liquid depth of 2.25 m. If the length of the weir is 75 m, the weir loading rate (in m3/day/m) is ___________.

Question 5

A rectangular settling tank is to treat 3.6MLD of raw water. The sedimentation period is to be 3 hours; the velocity of flow is 10 cm/min. The cross sectional area of the basin (in m2, round off to the nearest integer) is

Question 6

Match list-I (Type of processes) with list-II (Treatment units) and select the correct answer using the codes given below the lists:

Question 7

An ideal horizontal flow settling basin is 3.75 m deep having surface area 1150 m2. Water flows at the rate of 9250 m3/d, at water temperature 20 (μ= 10-3 kg/m-s and p = 1000 kg/m3). Assuming Stoke’s law to be valid, the proportion of spherical sand particles (0.01 mm in diameter with specific gravity 2.63) that will be removed is _____%.

Question 8

Compute the degree of disinfection achieved within 8 minutes of addition of 10 mg/l of chlorine in 50 MLD of water. Given disinfection constant is .435 minute-1.

Question 9

For a sample of water, the ionic composition is shown below. The carbonate and non-carbonate hardness (in mg/l as CaCO3) respectively are

Question 10

The population of a city at previous consecutive census years was 500000, 610000, 735000 and 11,47000. The anticipated population after four consecutive census to the nearest 10000 will be [Use incremental increase method]

Question 11

Water is disinfected by chlorine and it takes 18 minutes to remove 85% of organisms in water. The times taken to remove 95% from same water with same chlorine close is ______minutes.

Question 12Multiple Correct Options

For a figure show below

Choose the correct option (1 marks)

Question 13

If void ratio of sediment changes from is 0.6 to 0.8 then using shield formula self-cleaning velocity changes from V to V’ . IF V = V’ then is (1 mark)

Question 14

22 MLD of water is flowing through a 3 km long pipe of diameter 50 cm. The chlorine at the rate of 40 kg/d is applied at the entry of this pipe so that disinfected water is obtained at the exit. There is a proposal to increase the flow through this pipe to 28 MLD. Assuming the dilution coefficient, n = 1. The minimum amount of chlorine to be applies to achieve the same degree of disinfection for the enhanced flow is _____  kg per day (round off to two decimal places).

Question 15

A noise meter located at a distance of 30 m from a point source recorded 74 dB . The reading at a distance of 60 m from the point source would be _________
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