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GATE CE 2022: Environmental Engineering Quiz #8

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Question 1

A town of population 50,000 generates municipal solid waste of 500 gm/person/day. How many trucks would be needed to collect the waste twice the week? The trucks have the capacity of 4.5 tonnes and operates 5 day a week and truck can toe avg toe load of 75 % of its capacity.

Question 2

Equalization and neutralization are generally adopted for

(i) Industrial waste

(ii) Municipal waste

(iii) Agricultural waste

Question 3

The energy content of a municipal solid waste is 15,000 kJ/kg (as discarded). If the moisture content of the MSW is 15% and ash content is 10%, the energy content on an ash free dry basis (in kJ/kg) is

Question 4

A landfill area of  160m × 100 m is used for handing municipal solid waste for 25 years of a town with population 5,00,000. With 25% of the total landfill area used for auxiliary services and assuming the average per capita MSW discharge per year in town is 0.06 tonne, landfill density 500 kg/m3 and 20% of the actual landfill volume is used for soil cover, the number of years for which the land fill can be used if the landfill can’t be increased beyond 25m will be

Question 5

The municipal solid waste sample is found to provide energy as discarded as 3915 kJ/kg and further it is found that the moisture content of the solid waste is 42%. Find the total energy that it can produce on dry basis for 1 ton of solid waste produced (in MJ, nearest integer)?

Question 6

40 gm of CO2 and 50 gm of CH4 are produced from the composition of municipal waste with formula weight of 200 gm. What is the average per capita greenhouse gas production( in gm) in city of 12,00,000 population with 500gm/capita/day municipal waste generation.
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