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GATE CE 2022: Environmental Engineering Quiz #6

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Question 1

Which of the following statement in relation to peaking factor for wastewater flow rates is correct

Question 2

A sludge had 100 m3 volume when its moisture content was 95%. What would be its volume when moisture content changed to 90%?

Question 3

Match the following values of permissible BOD for disposal of sewage:
List - I
A) Lake water
B) River water
C) Land
D) Sea
List - II
1) 100 mg/l
2) 50 mg/l
3) 500 mg/l
4) 30 mg/l
5) 20 mg/l

Question 4Multiple Correct Options

A circular sewer running half full carrying a discharge of 180 lps. Assume S = 0.002 and manning’s coefficient to be 0.005. then which among the option is/are correct

Question 5

What should be the diameter of sewer (in m) if it is designed to carry a discharge of 0.75 cumec running half full. Take manning’s coefficient to be 0.016 and gradient of the pipe as 1 in 2500.

Question 6

A waste water plant produces 1000kg of dry solids per day at a moisture content of 93 %. The solids are 65% volatile with specific gravity of 1.05 and the remaining are non-volatile with a specific gravity of 2.Find the sludge volume (in m3) after digestion, which reduces volatile solids content by 50% and decreases the moisture content to 90%.
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