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GATE CE 2022: Environmental Engineering Quiz #4

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Question 1

Iron and Manganese are generally present in water supplies as-:

Question 2

8 kg of bleaching powder is required per day for disinfecting 5 million litres per day. The dose of chlorine has to be 0.4 ppm. The available chlorine in bleaching powder is _______% (nearest integer).

Question 3

A water sample contains the following dissolved ions:
Description: E:\Gate\Gate-CE-Civil\03_Enviro-Engg_BLok_files\image018.png
Atomic Weight: H = 1; C = 12; O = 16; Na = 23; Ca = 40; Mg = 24; Al = 27; Cl = 35.5.
The carbonate hardness  and non-carbonate hardness of the sample in mg/l as CaCO3 is

Question 4

There are 2 primary settling basins each 24 m in diameter with a side water depth of 2.1 m single effluent weirs are located on the peripheries of the tank. What will be the detention time (in hours) for a water flow of 25000 m3/ day?

Question 5

In water treatment plant, the pH values of incoming and outgoing water are 7.5 and 8.2 respectively. Assuming a linear variation of pH with time, the pH value of mix (two decimal places) is

Question 6

An ideal horizontal flow settling basin is 3.75 m deep having surface area 1150 m2. Water flows at the rate of 9250 m3/d, at water temperature 20 (μ= 10-3 kg/m-s and p = 1000 kg/m3). Assuming Stoke’s law to be valid, the proportion of spherical sand particles (0.01 mm in diameter with specific gravity 2.63) that will be removed is _____%.
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