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GATE CE 2022: Environmental Engineering Quiz #1

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Question 1

A city has a population of 10, 00,000. Average water consumption of the people is 270 lpcd, then the maximum hourly demand in MLD is

Question 2

The fire demand (in kL, nearest integer) for a city having population 180000 according to Buston’s formula is

Question 3

Find the design demand in MLD required for the design of a water supply scheme of a city having population 200000 and per capita demand of 225 litres per day.

Question 4

A water supply system is designed for a town with population of 2,50,000. Determine the fire demand (in ml/min) using empirical relationship and the Match List I and List II

Question 5

Which of the following statement(s) is (are) CORRECT?
Statement I: If the metering is introduced for the purpose of charging for consumed water, per capita demand may lower down but too less use of water by the consumer may lead to unhygienic conditions.
Statement II:High pressure in the distribution system of water may not always be desirable.
Statement III:If the towns are provided with water carriage system of sanitation, the per capita water demand decreases.

Question 6

For a town with population of 1,25,500, the average demand of water is 215 l/head/day. The design capacity (in MLD) of the water distribution system and the filter unit considering the Underwriters formula is
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